Silent Wing Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jose Raul Bernardo
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• The story begins in 1877 with Sol, a beautiful eighteen-year-old who is contemplating the day's events in her diary.

• Sol's nanny, Xenufla, has taken her to the place where people beseech St. Rita for special requests.

• Xenufla thinks that Sol needs a husband.

• Sol has attracted many young suitors, but she is not interested.

• She doesn't think St. Rita can help her.

• Sol eventually agrees to visit the town of Jocotenango where the saint's statue is enshrined.

• Xenufla gives Sol strict instructions on preparing to visit the statue.

• She must fast and remain silent.

• They leave early the next morning to arrive promptly at noon.

• Sol climbs the mountain and approaches the shrine with trepidation.

• She soon starts to shake and thinks an earthquake is occurring.

• It is Sol who is shaking.

• The statues eyes transform into the dark blue eyes of a handsome young man.

• Sol reports...

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