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Short Answer Questions

1. All foods, according to Carson, contain some level of such poisonous chemicals as __________.

2. The narrow ___________ is the tiniest structure in the human body.

3. What does the narrow window reveal when seen from far away?

4. How long is the typical human generation?

5. What is the form of energy which is produced at every stage of the mitochondrial process?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The water in the world may be plentiful, but that does not necessarily mean it is usable for humans. Part 1: Why is much of the water on the Earth not drinkable? Part 2: What are some causes for the most recent water pollution findings? Part 3: How do pollutants travel from one water source to another?

Essay Topic 2

Spraying campaigns were once the normal thing to do in order to take control of insect populations - but they are now seen as devastating actions to take. Part 1: Describe the results of the gypsy spraying campaign. Part 2: Describe the results of the fire ant eradication. Part 3: Why are insects so crucial to save in relation to the environment and its ecosystems?

Essay Topic 3

Animals are just as affected by the use of insecticides and pesticides as the pests themselves. Part 1: What are some of the ways in which animals are affected by the chemical use? Part 2: How are the animals exposed to the chemicals in the first place? Part 3: What might be the long term affects of the harm of animals in the world?

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