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Short Answer Questions

1. What was applied to a large area of Illinois over an 8 year period in order to try to control the Japanese Beetle?

2. There is a widespread, critical shortage of ____________ across the globe.

3. Due to pollution in its environment, this kind of bird has suffered from extensive population reduction and sterility issues.

4. The town Carson describes is one where townsfolk and farmers and wildlife all live in _____________.

5. What was one of the chemicals used in the massive spraying in #78?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are commercial fishermen affected by the spread of chemicals among the fish population?

2. What are some examples of products from a person's everyday life that can contain harmful chemicals?

3. What has happened with synthetic pesticides within less than twenty years of their existence?

4. What are the smallest organisms on the Earth which live in the soil?

5. What happened when people in Wyoming unintentionally destroyed the willows in a particular area?

6. How is the development of chemical resistance within the insect population a strong example of natural selection?

7. What happens when the bees are suddenly gone from this beautiful American town?

8. What does Carson say the major public health problems used to be caused by?

9. What were the results of the gypsy moth spraying in 1956?

10. What are synthetic pesticides now made of, as opposed to the naturally occurring minerals which were once used before the war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

To help avoid using too many chemicals, some people have resorted to selective spraying.

Part 1: Describe what selective spraying is and how it is used in the world.

Part 2: What are the advantages of selective spraying?

Part 3: What are the disadvantages to selective spraying?

Essay Topic 2

The idea of weeds seems to be more of a man made idea rather than a real threat to the world.

Part 1: Describe how Carson sees the presence of weeds in relation to humans.

Part 2: Why are weeds still important to the Earth?

Part 3: Describe the example of the sagebrush versus the grasslands in the American West.

Essay Topic 3

The cycle between the various areas of the environment begins to reveal just how intertwined everything is - and how horrible it would be if one part of the cycle is disrupted.

Part 1: Describe the cycle that takes place between the plants, the soil, and the animals.

Part 2: Why is the soil so important in this life cycle?

Part 3: What is the role of the insects and the mites in the soil?

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