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Short Answer Questions

1. Without the Earth's ________, there could be no plants.

2. The Earth itself is ________ only as long as the creatures within it are.

3. This kind of vegetable absorbs huge levels of poisons, which would have harmed humans if they had eaten the produce.

4. If a robin did not die, it often suffered from __________ as a result of being exposed to DDT.

5. For almost every human being on the planet, synthetic pesticides are present in _______ and probably in bodily tissues from the beginning.

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes humans different from the plants and animals in nature, with regard to their ability to do?

2. Describe the chemical arsenic, what it does, and how it is used in the world in today's times.

3. What are some examples of products from a person's everyday life that can contain harmful chemicals?

4. What happened when people in Wyoming unintentionally destroyed the willows in a particular area?

5. What is contained in food that is another source of lethal chemicals in the human body?

6. What was the immediate and devastating result of the spraying of the land for Dutch Elm Disease?

7. What was the cause of the salmon population downfall in the Miramichi River?

8. What is unlikely to bounce back after spraying that kill large numbers of their kind?

9. What are the smallest organisms on the Earth which live in the soil?

10. What is seawater not able to be used for on the Earth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The loss of the songs of the birds is a frightening idea to many readers. In trying to control the world, the birds are leaving for other areas or dying off completely.

Part 1: Describe why the birds are leaving certain areas.

Part 2: Summarize the Dutch Elm Disease response and how it affected bird populations.

Part 3: What might have been a more natural response to the Dutch Elm Disease problem?

Essay Topic 2

Nature, despite all the humans do to it, still seems to put up a fight when it comes to the damage humans cause.

Part 1: In what ways does Nature fight back against pollution?

Part 2: Why don't we just let Nature take care of itself instead of taking control of the pollution situation?

Part 3: What are the two critical facts that humans overlook when it comes to nature?

Essay Topic 3

Carson attempts to explain that humanity's ever growing need to control the world is actually what is damaging it the most.

Part 1: What are some ways in which humanity attempts to control the natural world?

Part 2: What are the aftereffects of these methods of control?

Part 3: How can controls be altered so that they are not harmful in their applications?

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