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Short Answer Questions

1. For almost every human being on the planet, synthetic pesticides are present in _______ and probably in bodily tissues from the beginning.

2. There is a disagreement among scientists about how much _______ can be safely stored in the body.

3. What are numerous in both kind and in sheer quantity according to Carson in the opening of the book?

4. What was not one of the results of the sprayings in Michigan?

5. The _________ of Wyoming which supported many animal species were unintentionally killed, leading to massive animal death.

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does people's chemical exposure mainly come from, according to Carson?

2. Describe the cycle of life between the soil, plants, and the animals.

3. What do the mitochondria of cells do within the body?

4. What are synthetic pesticides now made of, as opposed to the naturally occurring minerals which were once used before the war?

5. What is happening to insects, even though there have been mass applications of chemicals to get rid of them?

6. Why did so many birds die as a result of the spraying for Dutch Elm Disease?

7. How are commercial fishermen affected by the spread of chemicals among the fish population?

8. What was the immediate and devastating result of the spraying of the land for Dutch Elm Disease?

9. What kinds of foods contain the highest levels of chemicals?

10. What are two of the factors which are contributing to the chemical deposits in the earth, water, and living tissues?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Animals are just as affected by the use of insecticides and pesticides as the pests themselves.

Part 1: What are some of the ways in which animals are affected by the chemical use?

Part 2: How are the animals exposed to the chemicals in the first place?

Part 3: What might be the long term affects of the harm of animals in the world?

Essay Topic 2

The cycle between the various areas of the environment begins to reveal just how intertwined everything is - and how horrible it would be if one part of the cycle is disrupted.

Part 1: Describe the cycle that takes place between the plants, the soil, and the animals.

Part 2: Why is the soil so important in this life cycle?

Part 3: What is the role of the insects and the mites in the soil?

Essay Topic 3

In the chapter, "Rivers of Death," the plight of the salmon is described in detail.

Part 1: What is the problem with the salmon as described by Carson?

Part 2: How might this problem have affected the surrounding areas?

Part 3: Why can't the fish population help itself? What are some of the ways in which they are going to have a lot of troubles rebounding from this decimation?

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