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Short Answer Questions

1. Life is able to adapt to environmental change over _____________, according to Carson.

2. All of the Earth's watersystems are _____________, so contamination of a part is contamination of the whole.

3. If a robin did not die, it often suffered from __________ as a result of being exposed to DDT.

4. What is not usable for drinking, irrigation, or industry?

5. The town Carson describes _________ actually exist.

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the cause of the salmon population downfall in the Miramichi River?

2. Describe the chemical arsenic, what it does, and how it is used in the world in today's times.

3. What do our individual bodies have that the larger environment does as well?

4. Why is the eagle population suffering in relation to the chemicals being used in pest control?

5. What does Carson encourage readers to do in relation to the information they receive about pollution and pest control?

6. What happens when plants grow within the chemically-laced soil?

7. What happened in Clear Lake, California in the 1940s and 1950s?

8. What kinds of foods contain the highest levels of chemicals?

9. What happens to the liver when it processes chemicals in the body?

10. Why are chemicals seen as so harmful to the soil and to the life within the soil?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The use of pesticides is so rampant that it is causing troubles already, even at the time that this book was published in 1965.

Part 1: Why are pesticides so rampant in the world?

Part 2: What do scientists have a hard time doing because of the widespread use of pesticides?

Part 3: What are some of the physical effects of pesticide use? Where are pesticides now found?

Essay Topic 2

The public health problem that comes along with pollution is one of the fears of those in the environmental movement. If things can not be controlled, disaster might strike.

Part 1: Why have the old public health problems of disease become less of an issue today?

Part 2: What are the new public health crises?

Part 3: Why is it so important to public health to control pollution and chemical exposure now?

Essay Topic 3

The loss of the songs of the birds is a frightening idea to many readers. In trying to control the world, the birds are leaving for other areas or dying off completely.

Part 1: Describe why the birds are leaving certain areas.

Part 2: Summarize the Dutch Elm Disease response and how it affected bird populations.

Part 3: What might have been a more natural response to the Dutch Elm Disease problem?

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