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Short Answer Questions

1. The Earth's soil is a ______________ of living creatures, all interdependent.

2. Farms and orchards do NOT include these trees, in Carson's description.

3. What was one of the chemicals used in the massive spraying in #78?

4. Life is able to adapt to environmental change over _____________, according to Carson.

5. Without the Earth's ________, there could be no plants.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the ways humans have done great damage to other life forms, according to Carson?

2. What are two of the factors which are contributing to the chemical deposits in the earth, water, and living tissues?

3. Why is the eradication of the sagebrush not going to be an effective move for humans?

4. What is seawater not able to be used for on the Earth?

5. What is contained in food that is another source of lethal chemicals in the human body?

6. What were the results of the gypsy moth spraying in 1956?

7. What has the environment played an important role in forming, according to this chapter?

8. Where does radiation tend to occur naturally, as it has for many years before the time of the humans?

9. What is the environmental problem that results from all of the water sources of the Earth being connected to each other?

10. What were the results of the spraying of the Japanese beetle in Michigan in 1959?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the end, Carson explains there are number ways of controlling pests and problems in the environment - without causing harm.

Part 1: Describe the suggestion of sterilization as it applies to controlling insects.

Part 2: Describe the suggestion of using the insects' own chemical processes.

Part 3: Describe the process of forest hygiene.

Essay Topic 2

The public health problem that comes along with pollution is one of the fears of those in the environmental movement. If things can not be controlled, disaster might strike.

Part 1: Why have the old public health problems of disease become less of an issue today?

Part 2: What are the new public health crises?

Part 3: Why is it so important to public health to control pollution and chemical exposure now?

Essay Topic 3

To help avoid using too many chemicals, some people have resorted to selective spraying.

Part 1: Describe what selective spraying is and how it is used in the world.

Part 2: What are the advantages of selective spraying?

Part 3: What are the disadvantages to selective spraying?

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