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Short Answer Questions

1. DDT is passed long through the ___________ during the course of nearly everyone's life.

2. What is used to pollinate the plants and to pollinate the trees?

3. Plants and animals specifically ________ to live in whatever their environments are.

4. In many cases, the spraying is killing wildflowers which attract ___________.

5. Bacteria, fungi, and algae are the smallest organisms of Earth and they live in the ________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the eagle population suffering in relation to the chemicals being used in pest control?

2. Where does people's chemical exposure mainly come from, according to Carson?

3. What were the results of the spraying of the Japanese beetle in Michigan in 1959?

4. According to Carson, what does a chemically weakened environment open the door to?

5. Why did so many birds die as a result of the spraying for Dutch Elm Disease?

6. What are the relatively new sources of water pollution, according to this book?

7. What are some of the diseases that insects can carry which are harmful to humans?

8. What puzzles the doctors during the mysterious blight in this area?

9. What is the basis of all life function, according to Carson's writing in this chapter?

10. What happens when plants grow within the chemically-laced soil?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Carson attempts to explain that humanity's ever growing need to control the world is actually what is damaging it the most.

Part 1: What are some ways in which humanity attempts to control the natural world?

Part 2: What are the aftereffects of these methods of control?

Part 3: How can controls be altered so that they are not harmful in their applications?

Essay Topic 2

The water in the world may be plentiful, but that does not necessarily mean it is usable for humans.

Part 1: Why is much of the water on the Earth not drinkable?

Part 2: What are some causes for the most recent water pollution findings?

Part 3: How do pollutants travel from one water source to another?

Essay Topic 3

Pests are some of the main targets of chemicals in the world. Humans try to kill pests every chance they get, in a variety of different ways and for numerous reasons.

Part 1: What are some of the pests humans try to rid the world of?

Part 2: What happens when a pest is eradicated from an area?

Part 3: What happens to the soil that is in the area where the pests have been eradicated?

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