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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Individual sensitivity to the various toxic substances is extremely ___________.
(a) Meaningless
(b) Low
(c) Useful in measuring limits
(d) Variable

2. ______________ do not kill people or birds, although the US government said they did.
(a) Gypsy moths
(b) Ladybugs
(c) Eagles
(d) Fire ants

3. __________________ is the basis of all life function.
(a) Cellular oxidation
(b) Adenosine
(c) Photosynthesis
(d) ATP production

4. The ___________ is strictly a forest insect, which is why people were outraged when residential areas were sprayed to control it.
(a) Dutch Elm
(b) Tick
(c) Gypsy moth
(d) Fire ant

5. The __________ system is susceptible to damage by toxins like chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic phosphates.
(a) Nervous
(b) Circulatory
(c) Renal
(d) Muscular

Short Answer Questions

1. Most state laws regarding chemical contamination are grossly ___________.

2. ________ are genetically adapting to the chemicals we use to control them.

3. More American children now die from __________ than from any other disease.

4. What aisle does Carson think is presented as innocuously as the pickle or laundry detergent aisle?

5. The spraying of chemicals became more widespread because of new insecticides and a surplus of ___________.

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