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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There has been a huge increase in the incidence of ___________ and in our awareness of it in fewer than 200 years.
(a) Virus
(b) Pneumonia
(c) Malignancy
(d) Influenza

2. How long is the typical human generation?
(a) 33 years
(b) 68 years
(c) 83 years
(d) 45 years

3. Radiation and arsenic are naturally occurring substances that cause _________.
(a) Fatigue
(b) Cancer
(c) Protection
(d) Fertilization

4. What aisle does Carson think is presented as innocuously as the pickle or laundry detergent aisle?
(a) Produce
(b) Packaged foods
(c) Cleansers
(d) Insecticide

5. _______________ can be much more effective at controlling budworm.
(a) Targeted spraying
(b) Natural parasites
(c) Other chemicals
(d) Organic herbs

6. Chemicals that act upon our genes can cause sudden __________, producing new and undesirable changes in subsequent generations.
(a) Death
(b) Impulses
(c) Mitosis
(d) Mutations

7. Human life adapts to environment changes ____________.
(a) When it takes action
(b) Once in a while
(c) Quickly
(d) Extremely slowly

8. Fire ants' mounds actually serve to ________ the soil, which is a good thing.
(a) Water
(b) Preserve
(c) Protect
(d) Aerate

9. The long term effects of chemical exposure, per Carson, are easy to ignore as long as they are ___________.
(a) Invisible
(b) Regulated
(c) Far away
(d) Widespread

10. The fish may die some time after spraying as the toxins can be released from ____________.
(a) Rocks
(b) Water
(c) Plants
(d) Fat stores

11. During what war time was the spraying of chemicals made more intense and more widespread?
(a) WWI
(b) Civil War
(c) WWII
(d) Vietnam

12. Chemical residues in _______ are another source of gradual buildup of chemicals in the body.
(a) Paper
(b) Water
(c) Cosmetics
(d) Food

13. Some substances can interact with each other in unpredictable ways, increasing their _____________.
(a) Strength
(b) Safety
(c) Effectiveness
(d) Toxicity

14. For many thousands of years, ___________ have returned from the Atlantic each year.
(a) Mackerel
(b) Eels
(c) Salmon
(d) Trout

15. A chemically weakened environment opens the door to explosive insect ____________.
(a) Waste buildup
(b) Repopulation
(c) Death
(d) Extinction

Short Answer Questions

1. What are many chemicals sold in that could result in high chemical exposure if dropped by the consumer?

2. One changed __________ can affect the entire body system.

3. What kinds of insects are becoming resistant to the chemical sprayings?

4. It may be impossible to tell what is __________ and what is effect because there may be years between the two.

5. Most state laws regarding chemical contamination are grossly ___________.

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