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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____________ provides the best ways to control insects, according to Carson.
(a) Science
(b) Nature
(c) Man
(d) Chemical engineering

2. For many thousands of years, ___________ have returned from the Atlantic each year.
(a) Trout
(b) Eels
(c) Salmon
(d) Mackerel

3. What are printed in tiny type and largely ignored by consumers?
(a) Package warnings
(b) Ingredient lists
(c) Instructions
(d) Names of products

4. _______________ has been largely controlled through improved living conditions and sanitation.
(a) Cancer
(b) Population
(c) Infectious disease
(d) Chemical exposure

5. The ____________ systems of all creatures are adversely affected by DDT and other chemicals, so that this drastic disruption of the unversal currency of life affects the capacity of all living things.
(a) Nervous
(b) Circulatory
(c) Muscular
(d) Reproductive

6. Most state laws regarding chemical contamination are grossly ___________.
(a) Enforced
(b) Out numbered
(c) Overmeasured
(d) Inadequate

7. What is the name of the chemical that changes form once it enters the environment, becoming another more deadly chemical?
(a) DDT
(b) Heptachlor
(c) HCl
(d) Bromide

8. Fire ants' mounds actually serve to ________ the soil, which is a good thing.
(a) Protect
(b) Water
(c) Preserve
(d) Aerate

9. ___________ health problems used to be caused by diseases like smallpox, cholera, and the plague.
(a) Poverty
(b) Rural
(c) Upper class
(d) Public

10. Our chemical attacks on insects have weakened entire ___________.
(a) Countries
(b) Cities
(c) Ecosystems
(d) Governments

11. What organ works to filter out the chemicals that enter the human body?
(a) Liver
(b) Gallbladder
(c) Lungs
(d) Stomach

12. What is not one of the now chemically resistant insects in the United States?
(a) German cockroach
(b) Wood tick
(c) House mosquito
(d) Spider

13. All foods, according to Carson, contain some level of such poisonous chemicals as __________.
(a) Boron
(b) Nicotine
(c) Bitter orange
(d) DDT

14. ________________ are affected because poisoned fish are not a source of food to sell.
(a) Grocery stores
(b) Sushi bars
(c) Restaurants
(d) Commercial fisheries

15. _______________ can be much more effective at controlling budworm.
(a) Targeted spraying
(b) Organic herbs
(c) Natural parasites
(d) Other chemicals

Short Answer Questions

1. Insects are controlled by limitations on the amount of _________ available to them, a fact often overlooked by humans.

2. The American Cancer Society estimates that ______ out of 3 families will be stricken by cancer.

3. Without functioning ____________, even our organs are useless.

4. Chemical residues in _______ are another source of gradual buildup of chemicals in the body.

5. ____________ is also contaminated because washing does not remove chemicals, nor does cooking.

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