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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrow ___________ is the tiniest structure in the human body.
(a) Window
(b) Capillary
(c) Artery
(d) Cut

2. Most people's chemical exposure comes ___________ rather than in mass sprayings.
(a) In large doses
(b) Day by day
(c) From cars
(d) From food

3. ____________ and animals were sprayed directly during the campaign against the gypsy moths.
(a) Building interiors
(b) Waterways
(c) People
(d) Buildings

4. The fish may die some time after spraying as the toxins can be released from ____________.
(a) Plants
(b) Fat stores
(c) Rocks
(d) Water

5. ____________ is also contaminated because washing does not remove chemicals, nor does cooking.
(a) Produce
(b) Packaged beans
(c) Meat
(d) Cheese

6. What are printed in tiny type and largely ignored by consumers?
(a) Instructions
(b) Ingredient lists
(c) Names of products
(d) Package warnings

7. What do some insects carry that makes their termination so important in today's times?
(a) Mutations
(b) Deadly diseases
(c) Cancer
(d) Venom

8. What is the cellular structure that contains enzymes which accomplish the work of energy production?
(a) Lysosomes
(b) Mitochondria
(c) Golgi Complex
(d) Vesicles

9. ________________ are affected because poisoned fish are not a source of food to sell.
(a) Commercial fisheries
(b) Restaurants
(c) Grocery stores
(d) Sushi bars

10. The ___________ is strictly a forest insect, which is why people were outraged when residential areas were sprayed to control it.
(a) Fire ant
(b) Gypsy moth
(c) Dutch Elm
(d) Tick

11. What does the narrow window reveal when seen from far away?
(a) Death
(b) Blue skies
(c) Sliver of light
(d) Nothing

12. What was the widespread Canadian spraying program designed to control the population of?
(a) Salmon
(b) Spruce budworm
(c) Bacteria levels in the water
(d) Pond spiders

13. ____________ alone have the ability to create carcinogens, which cause cancer.
(a) Plants
(b) Animals
(c) Human beings
(d) Insects

14. The liver can become damaged by the poisons it filters, causing it to become ___________ effective.
(a) More
(b) Less
(c) Much more
(d) Generally

15. The smallest _______ reveals a whole universe of relationships within the body
(a) Pore
(b) Organ
(c) Molecule
(d) Skin cell

Short Answer Questions

1. During what war time was the spraying of chemicals made more intense and more widespread?

2. What is not one of the now chemically resistant insects in the United States?

3. Our chemical attacks on insects have weakened entire ___________.

4. What is the form of energy which is produced at every stage of the mitochondrial process?

5. ____________ provides the best ways to control insects, according to Carson.

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