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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Radiation and arsenic are naturally occurring substances that cause _________.
(a) Fatigue
(b) Protection
(c) Fertilization
(d) Cancer

2. What kind of disease can fleas carry and then transmit to humans as a result of a bite?
(a) Plague
(b) Typhus
(c) Yellow fever
(d) Malaria

3. Scientists believe that human __________ is unrealistic.
(a) Chemical warfare
(b) Control
(c) Resistance
(d) Change

4. Most people's chemical exposure comes ___________ rather than in mass sprayings.
(a) From food
(b) From cars
(c) Day by day
(d) In large doses

5. The long term effects of chemical exposure, per Carson, are easy to ignore as long as they are ___________.
(a) Widespread
(b) Regulated
(c) Invisible
(d) Far away

6. Chemical residues in _______ are another source of gradual buildup of chemicals in the body.
(a) Paper
(b) Water
(c) Food
(d) Cosmetics

7. What is not one of the now chemically resistant insects in the United States?
(a) House mosquito
(b) German cockroach
(c) Wood tick
(d) Spider

8. What posed no threat, only a minor annoyance, yet was still the target of a massive spraying campaign?
(a) Fire ant
(b) Ladybug
(c) Mosquito
(d) Gypsy moth

9. Which state has abandoned broad eradication in favor of the control in #117?
(a) Maine
(b) Florida
(c) Ohio
(d) California

10. For many thousands of years, ___________ have returned from the Atlantic each year.
(a) Mackerel
(b) Trout
(c) Eels
(d) Salmon

11. The ____________ systems of all creatures are adversely affected by DDT and other chemicals, so that this drastic disruption of the unversal currency of life affects the capacity of all living things.
(a) Reproductive
(b) Circulatory
(c) Muscular
(d) Nervous

12. What is the form of energy which is produced at every stage of the mitochondrial process?
(a) ADP
(b) ATP
(c) DNA
(d) ARP

13. The limits the government has established regarding chemical levels in foods are __________.
(a) Unavailable
(b) Low
(c) Meaningless
(d) Effective

14. Most state laws regarding chemical contamination are grossly ___________.
(a) Inadequate
(b) Enforced
(c) Overmeasured
(d) Out numbered

15. What is also destroyed when the target insects are sprayed by chemicals, damaging and changing the ecosystem?
(a) Trees
(b) Water sources
(c) Their natural enemies
(d) Humans

Short Answer Questions

1. During what war time was the spraying of chemicals made more intense and more widespread?

2. What was the widespread Canadian spraying program designed to control the population of?

3. __________________ is the basis of all life function.

4. Where do the fish go from #97 do in order to spawn and to perpetuate their kind?

5. What did the fire any not destroy, even though the US government made claims that it did?

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