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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrow ___________ is the tiniest structure in the human body.
(a) Window
(b) Capillary
(c) Artery
(d) Cut

2. What can the chemical DDT cause in fish?
(a) Blindness
(b) Color changes
(c) Depression
(d) Starvation

3. Fire ants' mounds actually serve to ________ the soil, which is a good thing.
(a) Aerate
(b) Water
(c) Preserve
(d) Protect

4. ________ are genetically adapting to the chemicals we use to control them.
(a) Insects
(b) DNA
(c) Plants
(d) Mosquitoes

5. What is not one of the now chemically resistant insects in the United States?
(a) German cockroach
(b) Wood tick
(c) House mosquito
(d) Spider

6. Human life adapts to environment changes ____________.
(a) When it takes action
(b) Once in a while
(c) Quickly
(d) Extremely slowly

7. ____________ alone have the ability to create carcinogens, which cause cancer.
(a) Plants
(b) Insects
(c) Human beings
(d) Animals

8. The smallest _______ reveals a whole universe of relationships within the body
(a) Pore
(b) Organ
(c) Molecule
(d) Skin cell

9. Because all foods contain chemicals, even in small doses, the human exposure is enormous in the __________.
(a) Restaurants
(b) Pantry
(c) Aggregate
(d) World

10. What did the fire any not destroy, even though the US government made claims that it did?
(a) Buildings
(b) Money
(c) Trees
(d) Crops

11. Our chemical attacks on insects have weakened entire ___________.
(a) Governments
(b) Countries
(c) Ecosystems
(d) Cities

12. The ___________ is strictly a forest insect, which is why people were outraged when residential areas were sprayed to control it.
(a) Dutch Elm
(b) Fire ant
(c) Tick
(d) Gypsy moth

13. ____________ is also contaminated because washing does not remove chemicals, nor does cooking.
(a) Packaged beans
(b) Cheese
(c) Produce
(d) Meat

14. What is the cellular structure that contains enzymes which accomplish the work of energy production?
(a) Vesicles
(b) Golgi Complex
(c) Mitochondria
(d) Lysosomes

15. _____________ is not the only source of chemical contamination in the world.
(a) Mass spraying
(b) Acid rain
(c) Trash
(d) Nuclear power

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of disease can fleas carry and then transmit to humans as a result of a bite?

2. Individual sensitivity to the various toxic substances is extremely ___________.

3. Every cell in the body is involved in the production of ___________.

4. The fish may die some time after spraying as the toxins can be released from ____________.

5. The American Cancer Society estimates that ______ out of 3 families will be stricken by cancer.

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