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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Herbicides can change the _________ of plants, making toxic plants more appealing to animals.
(a) Taste
(b) Color
(c) Appearance
(d) Metabolism

2. The Earth itself is ________ only as long as the creatures within it are.
(a) Healthy
(b) Useful
(c) Promising
(d) Clean

3. Farms and orchards do NOT include these trees, in Carson's description.
(a) Palm
(b) Maple
(c) Birch
(d) Pine

4. Spraying for the ________ began in the 1950s and resulted in the death of robins.
(a) Fire ants
(b) Gypsy moth
(c) French beetles
(d) Dutch Elm Disease

5. What was infected with chemicals that led to the death of so many robins?
(a) Earthworms
(b) Nest building material
(c) Air
(d) Water

6. What is used to pollinate the plants and to pollinate the trees?
(a) Bees
(b) Humans
(c) Hummingbirds
(d) Scientists

7. The _________ of Wyoming which supported many animal species were unintentionally killed, leading to massive animal death.
(a) Trees
(b) Willows
(c) Weeds
(d) Sagebrush

8. The Earth's soil is a ______________ of living creatures, all interdependent.
(a) City
(b) Bed
(c) Community
(d) Nest

9. Not only do chemicals hurt the soil, but they also ____________ the soil for years.
(a) Remain in
(b) Help
(c) Change
(d) Clean

10. Humankind is producing new ________ in the laboratory, though these used to be limited only to nature's actions.
(a) DNA
(b) Chemicals
(c) Wastes
(d) Plants

11. What are so popular that tourists come to see them every year?
(a) Waves
(b) Fish population
(c) Migratory birds
(d) Changing leaves

12. What is the most important earth-dwelling creature, according to Carson?
(a) Mouse
(b) Earthworm
(c) Mole
(d) Millipede

13. What group of substances includes insecticides and pesticides?
(a) Necessary evils
(b) Organic cleaners
(c) Toxic chemicals
(d) Helpful mixtures

14. Humans hold a narrow view of _________, using them when they are immediately useful only.
(a) Pests
(b) Plants
(c) Trees
(d) Animals

15. Large-scale, single-crop farming eliminates the _______________ that provided built in control of pests.
(a) Regulation
(b) Biodiversity
(c) Possibility
(d) Chemicals

Short Answer Questions

1. What was not one of the results of the sprayings in Michigan?

2. What was applied to a large area of Illinois over an 8 year period in order to try to control the Japanese Beetle?

3. DDT seems to be able to be stored in the __________ tissues of the body.

4. In England, the treatment of _______ with chemicals resulted in widespread bird deaths.

5. Attempts to control a particular ________ in Clear Lake, California resulted in massive bird death.

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