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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was intended to benefit from the removal of sagebrush from the American West?
(a) Lizards
(b) Other plant species
(c) Birds
(d) Livestock

2. There is a disagreement among scientists about how much _______ can be safely stored in the body.
(a) Fat
(b) DDT
(c) Water
(d) Arsenic

3. What is not produced as a result of not having the pollination process continue?
(a) Leaves
(b) Air
(c) Fruit
(d) Stones

4. What is the most important earth-dwelling creature, according to Carson?
(a) Millipede
(b) Mole
(c) Earthworm
(d) Mouse

5. Spring begins in the United States with the once-familiar ___________.
(a) Temperature changes
(b) Storms
(c) Birdsong
(d) Heavy rains

6. Due to pollution in its environment, this kind of bird has suffered from extensive population reduction and sterility issues.
(a) Hawk
(b) Buzzard
(c) Eagle
(d) Hummingbird

7. What is plentiful in the streams, providing good fishing spots since early settler times?
(a) Trout
(b) Guppies
(c) Insects
(d) Eels

8. Carson wonders - How can we as __________ beings continue to allow such rampant and unjustified killings?
(a) Intelligent
(b) Living
(c) Moral
(d) Human

9. Spraying for the ________ began in the 1950s and resulted in the death of robins.
(a) Fire ants
(b) French beetles
(c) Gypsy moth
(d) Dutch Elm Disease

10. Because synthetic pesticides are ______, they can easily poison intended and unintended targets.
(a) Dangerous
(b) Organic
(c) Lethal
(d) Widespread

11. What is not usable for drinking, irrigation, or industry?
(a) Frozen water
(b) Lake water
(c) Seawater
(d) Stream water

12. What happens to the people in the beginning description which puzzles doctors?
(a) They disappear
(b) They become ill
(c) They begin to hurt each other
(d) They have green spots on their faces

13. Since the 1940s, more than 200 chemicals have been created for the purpose of _____________.
(a) Pharmaceuticals
(b) Experimentation
(c) War
(d) Pest control

14. Life is able to adapt to environmental change over _____________, according to Carson.
(a) A year
(b) A few months
(c) A decade
(d) Millennia

15. How was the large population of sagebrush destroyed in the West?
(a) Sprayings
(b) Suffocation
(c) Burning
(d) Physical removal

Short Answer Questions

1. What was infected with chemicals that led to the death of so many robins?

2. What was the source of the contamination in the eagle population?

3. Bacteria, fungi, and algae are the smallest organisms of Earth and they live in the ________.

4. What is the name for chemicals that mix with other pollutants and substances in the water, producing unidentifiable results?

5. There is evidence that chemicals travel via ____________.

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