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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14 "One in Every Four".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Continued use of pesticides could very well damage soil ___________.
(a) Beyond repair
(b) In some areas
(c) Illegally
(d) Over time

2. What kind of control is actually more effective and less costly than mass spraying?
(a) Natural
(b) Non-control
(c) Rural
(d) Local

3. What group of substances includes insecticides and pesticides?
(a) Helpful mixtures
(b) Necessary evils
(c) Organic cleaners
(d) Toxic chemicals

4. Chemical insecticides and herbicides are challenging because they are _____________.
(a) Sometimes safe
(b) Ignored
(c) Hidden from view
(d) Difficult to detect

5. Spring begins in the United States with the once-familiar ___________.
(a) Temperature changes
(b) Storms
(c) Birdsong
(d) Heavy rains

Short Answer Questions

1. Wildlife is unlikely to bounce back after _________ that kill large numbers of their kind.

2. What is the most important earth-dwelling creature, according to Carson?

3. ______________ birds have also died as a result of the elm spraying.

4. Large-scale, single-crop farming eliminates the _______________ that provided built in control of pests.

5. Individual sensitivity to the various toxic substances is extremely ___________.

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