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Chapter 1 "A Fable for Tomorrow"

• Carson includes a description of a Utopian society in which Nature and man coexist.

• From that picturesque image, the setting changes into one in which nature begins to die away.

• While the town does not exist, the events which take place in this description have occurred.

Chapter 2 "The Obligation to Endure"

• The environment plays an important role in forming life.

• Radiation used to be limited to natural sources.

• Massive efforts to control problems can have opposite effect.

Chapter 3 "Elixirs of Death"

• Carson gives a discussion about synthetic pesticides.

• The way these chemicals affect creatures is explained in detail.

Chapter 4 "Surface Waters and Underground Seas"

• Most of the seawater in the world is not usable for drinking.

• World's water is becoming more polluted.

• Carson gives examples of effects of water pollution.

Chapter 5 "Realms of the Soil"

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