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Short Answer Questions

1. As Paul remembers, how many times does his mother ask him to pass the plate at the luncheon table?

2. What kind of stamp does Paul's secret remind him of?

3. What does Paul cover up in the cement with his foot?

4. How does Paul describe the coin that matches his secret?

5. How is the cement sidewalk designed, according to Paul's description?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the descriptions Paul uses to explain how important his secret is in Part 1?

2. What does the doctor have Paul do to test his eyes, and what is the result?

3. How is Silent Snow, Secret Snow's ending similar to its beginning, and why does the story end the way it does?

4. What does the snow do for the first time in Part 3, and what does this represent?

5. How does the snow take over Paul's room, according to the author's description?

6. What is interesting about the way Paul views the doctor and his parents, and how he chooses to acknowledge them?

7. What is the last thing that Paul sees and hears before the story ends?

8. What is interesting about the weather on Paul's way home, and what does it symbolize?

9. How is the snow acting during Paul's doctor examination?

10. How does Paul view the snow at the beginning of Part 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the origin of Paul's secret, explaining each part of it in detail and why it is significant. Also, explain any metaphors the author uses to portray the impact of the events leading up to Paul's discovery.

Essay Topic 2

Aiken keeps the reader's attention through flowing lines and poetic descriptions. Analyze his writing style, including examples of its effectiveness and why it works so well with this particular story. Also, describe how the style changes with the tone and pace of the story.

Essay Topic 3

Why does the author choose snow as the secret that Paul is drawn to? Provide an in-depth analysis of the author's decision and what the snow represents, including its characteristics and the specific ways it is used to display Paul's larger problems.

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