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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the doctor grinning at Paul?
(a) Intently.
(b) Angrily.
(c) Falsely.
(d) Sincerely.

2. How does Paul observe the elm tree and other things on his way home?
(a) With a tainted eye.
(b) With a skeptical eye.
(c) With a tolerant eye.
(d) With a careful eye.

3. What is the most distressing feature of Paul's secret?
(a) The inability to hear his mother and father.
(b) The embarrassment of his mother and father.
(c) The conflict between him and his mother and father.
(d) The inability to respond to his mother and father.

4. What is it becoming harder to do for Paul?
(a) Stay warm.
(b) Go to sleep.
(c) Get out of bed.
(d) Face the sun.

5. How does Paul feel about the doctor's attempt to discover the truth?
(a) He is worried by it.
(b) He is fearful of it.
(c) He is saddened by it.
(d) He is amused by it.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his father indicates concern, what does Paul think of the doctor's questioning?

2. What is Paul's mood at the end of Part 3?

3. What does Paul imagine the snow on the street to be?

4. What does Paul do with his secret?

5. What kind of sparrows does Paul see?

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