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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paul wonder as he looks at his house?
(a) If he is starting to hallucinate.
(b) If he is becoming paranoid.
(c) If he has ever seen the snow.
(d) If he has ever left his room.

2. What does Paul cover up in the cement with his foot?
(a) The cracks.
(b) The hollows.
(c) The chips.
(d) The dirt.

3. How does Paul describe the sunlight on the roof?
(a) Blatant.
(b) Radiant.
(c) Present.
(d) Brilliant.

4. What does Paul catch a glimpse of as he ponders the doctor's question?
(a) The beads of light in the doctor's eyes.
(b) The beads of light on the window pane.
(c) The beads of light along the wall.
(d) The beads of light in his mother's eyes.

5. What happens to the cobblestones as Paul's secret progresses?
(a) They become muffled.
(b) They become hidden.
(c) They become smoother.
(d) They become clearer.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Paul arrives at his house in Part 2, what does he feel about the one thing he had looked forward to?

2. What is Paul listening for the postman to do when his secret appears?

3. As Paul further resents the examination, what type of parody does he call it?

4. What is Paul staring at while the doctor questions him?

5. What does the snow encourage Paul to do as his parents and the doctor are waiting for his response?

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