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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the officials throw the dead bodies into the sea?

2. Who do Garrpe and Rodrigues have to wait for in this chapter?

3. Who do the officials release?

4. Why is it difficult to find a Japanese person in Macao?

5. Who of the following is not chosen as a hostage?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the priests' journey to India.

2. What happened to the three men at the magistrate's office?

3. What does Rodrigues do during his stay in Odomari?

4. Why do the officials burn Mokichi and Ichizo's bodies?

5. How does the village cope with the raid in Chapter 4?

6. In what way do Garrpe and Rodrigues' opinions differ when the two men ask them to come to their village?

7. Why does Garrpe again interrogate Kichijiro about his religion?

8. How do the priests show their innocence in Chapter 1?

9. Why is there distrust among Christian villagers?

10. What do the two priests decide to do in Chapter 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the Japanese samurai.

1) What are their main ideas and beliefs? What influence have these ideas had on Japanese culture as a whole?

2) What power did the samurai hold in 17th century Japan?

3) Which position do the samurai hold in today's Japan?

Essay Topic 2

Endo was a Catholic. Using two examples from the novel, discuss the ways the story reflects Endo's beliefs and the problems he may have faced as a part of a minority group.

Essay Topic 3

Why did Ferreira give up on his missionary work? How different is Ferriera's life now that he is working for the Japanese? What is Ferreira's goal now that he is captured? How is it possible for him to achieve this goal?

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