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Short Answer Questions

1. what do the two priests wear in their hut?

2. What do the two priests crush in their hut?

3. In what part of Japan are the boiling waters mentioned in the letter?

4. Who do Garrpe and Rodrigues have to wait for in this chapter?

5. For what is a person rewarded 100 pieces of silver?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the reader learn in the prologue?

2. Why is there distrust among Christian villagers?

3. How do the sailors know they have reached land?

4. What problems did the three priests have to overcome to get to India?

5. Describe the two priests' life at the village.

6. What happened to the three men at the magistrate's office?

7. What happens to Mokichi and Ichizo?

8. Describe the priests' journey to India.

9. Why does Garrpe again interrogate Kichijiro about his religion?

10. Describe the storm at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare the characters of Ferreira and Rodrigues.

1) In what ways do their morals and beliefs differ?

2) Do you agree they are one of the same person as Endo states at the end of the novel?

3) How can they help each other as they struggle to cope with life in Japan?

Essay Topic 2

Identify the main themes of the story. Why do you think these themes are so important to the story? How does Endo use character and setting to express these themes?

Essay Topic 3

Endo was a Catholic. Using two examples from the novel, discuss the ways the story reflects Endo's beliefs and the problems he may have faced as a part of a minority group.

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