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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 5 marks the end of _________________.
(a) Rodrigues' letters
(b) Easter
(c) Christianity in Japan
(d) A revolution

2. What is the role of the next samurai who visits Rodrigues?
(a) An interpreter
(b) A magistrate
(c) A priest
(d) A warrior

3. What does Rodrigues convince the guard to give him?
(a) Paper
(b) A bible
(c) A stamp
(d) A gun

4. Rodrigues believes there is still hope for ___________________________.
(a) Salvation for the Japanese people
(b) Falling in love
(c) Salvation for Ferreirer
(d) Seeing Portugal again

5. What does Rodrigues have to try and identify the objects as?
(a) Expensive
(b) Christian
(c) Mineral or vegetable
(d) Western

Short Answer Questions

1. To whose situation does Rodrigues compare his own?

2. Who is chased off by the guards in this chapter?

3. Where are the objects brought in from?

4. Who dives in to try and save the three peasants?

5. Who does Rodrigues think he can hear snoring?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rodrigues contradict his own advice during his captivity?

2. How does Rodrigues react to the sound of his jailer snoring?

3. What ultimatum does the samurai give Rodrigues in Chapter 5?

4. What will happen to the villagers in Chapter 7 if Rodrigues does not apostatize?

5. What are Rodrigues' feelings towards Ferreira?

6. Where do the guards take Rodrigues in Chapter 5?

7. Why is Rodrigues transported in a covered caravan?

8. What is Yokose-no-Ura?

9. What does the samurai say has happened to Ferreira?

10. How does Rodrigues find comfort even in his dire situation?

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