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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what is the elderly man killed?
(a) A gun
(b) A sword
(c) A knife
(d) A club

2. What does the woman offer Rodrigues to eat?
(a) Some nuts
(b) A cucumber
(c) A pickle
(d) An egg

3. Where are the three peasants paraded?
(a) A well
(b) A pit
(c) The water's edge
(d) A theater

4. In what does Ferreira say the Japanese have never believed?
(a) The Christian God
(b) Religion
(c) True love
(d) Sex before marriage

5. What does one peasant fall sick from?
(a) Consumption
(b) Measles
(c) Sunstroke
(d) Cholera

Short Answer Questions

1. On what kind of animal is Rodrigues placed?

2. What happens to Garrpe?

3. What does a guard give Rodrigues one morning?

4. What did Yokoso-no-Ura used to be?

5. Who dives in to try and save the three peasants?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the samurai say has happened to Ferreira?

2. What will happen to the villagers in Chapter 7 if Rodrigues does not apostatize?

3. What ultimatum does the samurai give Rodrigues in Chapter 5?

4. Describe Rodrigues' new life in Japan.

5. What does Rodrigues realize in Chapter 7?

6. Describe the reappearance of Kichijiro in Chapter 6.

7. What does the priest contemplate as he watches the death of the old man?

8. Why did Ferreira decide to apostatize?

9. How does Rodrigues react to the sound of his jailer snoring?

10. How can Rodriguez's actions in Chapter 5 be deemed as wrong?

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