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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the objects brought in from?
(a) Lisbon
(b) Macao
(c) Iran
(d) China

2. Chapter 5 marks the end of _________________.
(a) Easter
(b) A revolution
(c) Rodrigues' letters
(d) Christianity in Japan

3. From where does the unknown guest come?
(a) The east
(b) The west
(c) The south
(d) The north

4. What is the role of the next samurai who visits Rodrigues?
(a) A warrior
(b) A magistrate
(c) A priest
(d) An interpreter

5. What is the only thing Rodrigues can do in his new room?
(a) Look out of the window
(b) Draw
(c) Tap out songs on his wall
(d) Read

6. With what is the elderly man killed?
(a) A sword
(b) A club
(c) A knife
(d) A gun

7. Who else works at the magistrates office?
(a) Cristano
(b) Deco
(c) Ferreira
(d) Roy

8. Who waits for Rodrigues in another room?
(a) The pope
(b) His parents
(c) Inoue
(d) The interpreter and two guards

9. Where are the peasants forced to work?
(a) A park
(b) The docks
(c) A factory
(d) The fields

10. What does the woman offer Rodrigues to eat?
(a) An egg
(b) Some nuts
(c) A pickle
(d) A cucumber

11. What is Rodrigues granted permission to do?
(a) Go shopping
(b) Visit the peasants as they work
(c) Meet the magistrate
(d) Go home to Portugal

12. Who does Rodrigues think he can hear snoring?
(a) Ferreirer
(b) A fellow prisoner
(c) His jailer
(d) His own father

13. With whom did Inoue formerly consult?
(a) A monk
(b) A Christian father
(c) A village elder
(d) A judge

14. On whose image was Rodrigues forced to step?
(a) Christ
(b) Mohammed
(c) Joseph
(d) The Virgin Mary

15. What will happen if Rodrigues does not apostatize?
(a) He will be sent to prison for life.
(b) The peasants will be tortured.
(c) He will die.
(d) He will be tortured.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rodrigues have to try and identify the objects as?

2. Why is the caravan covered?

3. What does Kichijiro bring to Rodrigues?

4. What is Jonassen's nationality?

5. Who is chased off by the guards in this chapter?

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