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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kichijiro do when the Chinese are not watching?
(a) Poisons the food
(b) Spits
(c) Stops working
(d) Steals

2. Which of the priests is unable to travel to Japan?
(a) Garrde
(b) Rodrigues
(c) Santa Marta
(d) Ferreira

3. What have officials made it difficult to do?
(a) To have more than one child
(b) To build new huts
(c) To swim in the sea
(d) For Christians to gather

4. What does Rodrigues perform in Odomari?
(a) An exorcism
(b) A sacrifice
(c) A marriage
(d) Confessions and baptisms

5. What does Rodrigues conclude about Kichijiro?
(a) He is a coward.
(b) He has had a hard life.
(c) He is not a Christian.
(d) He is a mere child.

6. What is Santa Marta unable to assist his friends in doing?
(a) Feeding orphans
(b) Converting the homeless
(c) Building a ship
(d) Working at the missionary college

7. What month is the rainy season in Japan?
(a) June
(b) November
(c) October
(d) July

8. Where was Ferreira tortured?
(a) Tokoyo
(b) Hiroshima
(c) Nagasaki
(d) Hirosaki

9. Which of the following nationalities are not hostile towards Portuguese ships?
(a) Dutch
(b) Chinese
(c) Japnese
(d) English

10. What do the tossama do?
(a) Hear confession
(b) Punish atheists
(c) Reason with officials
(d) Teach and lead prayers

11. Where is the charcoal hut?
(a) On a hilltop
(b) On the mountainside
(c) Underground
(d) In the forest

12. On what picture do the three men have to trample?
(a) A picture of the Virgin Mary
(b) A picture of Noah
(c) A picture of Abraham
(d) A picture of Jesus Christ

13. Who do Garrpe and Rodrigues have to wait for in this chapter?
(a) Jose
(b) Kichijiro
(c) Ferreira
(d) Santa Marta

14. what do the two priests wear in their hut?
(a) Jeans and t-shirt
(b) Kimonos
(c) Night gowns
(d) Nothing

15. What do the villagers hide from the officials?
(a) Their religious possessions
(b) Their money
(c) Their children
(d) Their clothes

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Japanese man the priests find?

2. What does not impress Rodrigues about Kichijiro?

3. Where do the officials tie Ichizo and Mokichi?

4. What kind of person do the priests need to locate?

5. Who told the two villagers of the two priests' arrival?

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