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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells the priests what happened in the village?
(a) Tommasi and Yuka
(b) Mokichi and Yuka
(c) Mokichi and Kichijiro
(d) Nagasaki and Kichijiro

2. Where do the priests hide to view what is happening in the village?
(a) Long grass
(b) A brush patch
(c) Reeds
(d) A tree

3. Who advised the men to trample on the picture?
(a) Rodrigues
(b) Garrda
(c) Ichizo
(d) Ferreira

4. Where do the authorities confine the Christian women?
(a) Bordellos
(b) Government palaces
(c) Cellars
(d) Soup kitchens

5. What is the Japanese word for the religious helpers?
(a) Jarpa
(b) Jiisama
(c) Mideshi
(d) Mokichi

6. What does Kichijiro do when the Chinese sailors beat him?
(a) Kicks them
(b) Cries out for pardon
(c) Runs away
(d) Pulls out a knife

7. Where do Garrpe and Rodrigues hide?
(a) In the rescue boats
(b) In the captain's cabin
(c) Behind beer barrels
(d) Behind luggage

8. Who of the following is one of Ferreira's students?
(a) Franceso Payno
(b) Henry Paul
(c) Juan de Santa Marta
(d) Jose Marie Ballesteros

9. In which country is Ferreira missing?
(a) Argentina
(b) Japan
(c) Brazil
(d) India

10. Who writes the letter in Chapter 1?
(a) Ferreira
(b) Garrpe
(c) Santa Marta
(d) Rodrigues

11. Kichijiro's murmurings prompt Garrpe to interrogate him on ___________________.
(a) His nationality
(b) His faith
(c) His family history
(d) His loyalty

12. What have officials made it difficult to do?
(a) To have more than one child
(b) For Christians to gather
(c) To swim in the sea
(d) To build new huts

13. What does Kichijiro do when the Chinese are not watching?
(a) Spits
(b) Poisons the food
(c) Steals
(d) Stops working

14. Who do the three priests have to ask for permission to travel to Japan?
(a) The Japanese government
(b) The Roman church
(c) Their parents
(d) The portuguese government

15. Who told the two villagers of the two priests' arrival?
(a) Kichijiro
(b) Mokichi
(c) Tommasi
(d) Ferreira

Short Answer Questions

1. what do the two priests wear in their hut?

2. Why is it difficult to find a Japanese person in Macao?

3. Who of the following is not one of Ferreira's students?

4. Who writes the letter in Chapter 2?

5. Which of the priests is unable to travel to Japan?

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