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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what is a person rewarded 200 hundred pieces of silver?
(a) Informing about hidden brothers
(b) Finding Christian artifacts
(c) Informing about hidden priests
(d) Informing about secret Christians

2. Which of the priests is unable to travel to Japan?
(a) Ferreira
(b) Santa Marta
(c) Garrde
(d) Rodrigues

3. In what month do the priests reach India?
(a) October
(b) June
(c) September
(d) November

4. What does Rodrigues conclude about Kichijiro?
(a) He is a mere child.
(b) He is not a Christian.
(c) He is a coward.
(d) He has had a hard life.

5. In what kind of hut do the peasants hide the priests?
(a) A chalk hut
(b) A charcoal hut
(c) A mud hut
(d) An ice hut

6. What do the villagers hide from the officials?
(a) Their money
(b) Their children
(c) Their clothes
(d) Their religious possessions

7. Where was Jesus betrayed?
(a) Paris
(b) Jericho
(c) Gethsemane
(d) Tel Aviv

8. To where will a hostage be sent?
(a) Tomogi
(b) Nagasaki
(c) Tokoyo
(d) Hiroshima

9. What does a sailor notice floating in the water?
(a) A watering can
(b) A leaf
(c) A twig
(d) A dead body

10. What do the officials do with priests that don't apostatize?
(a) Hang them
(b) Use them as slaves
(c) Shoot them
(d) Imprison them

11. Who reports that Ferreira was captured?
(a) A Chinese sailor
(b) A fellow priest
(c) The Japanese government
(d) Merchant sailors

12. What feeling does the incident raise among the villagers?
(a) Togetherness
(b) Hate
(c) Suspicion
(d) Love

13. Where does Kichijiro hide during the storm?
(a) The captain's cabin
(b) Behind luggage
(c) In the rescue boats
(d) Behind beer barrels

14. For what is a person rewarded 100 pieces of silver?
(a) Informing about hidden priests
(b) Finding Christian artifacts
(c) Informing about hidden brothers
(d) Informing about secret Christians

15. what do the two priests wear in their hut?
(a) Jeans and t-shirt
(b) Night gowns
(c) Kimonos
(d) Nothing

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes the letter in Chapter 2?

2. Who returns to the village three days later?

3. Why is it difficult to find a Japanese person in Macao?

4. What is the Japanese word for priest?

5. Which of the following nationalities are not hostile towards Portuguese ships?

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