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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rodrigues believes there is still hope for ___________________________.
(a) Falling in love
(b) Seeing Portugal again
(c) Salvation for the Japanese people
(d) Salvation for Ferreirer

2. What is below the charcoal hut?
(a) A village
(b) Tokoyo
(c) A river
(d) The sea

3. The villagers keep a detailed calendar of ______________________.
(a) Portuguese holidays
(b) Royal birthdays
(c) Buddhist feasts
(d) Christian feasts

4. What is the nationality of the boat crew?
(a) Dutch
(b) Japanese
(c) English
(d) Chinese

5. In what kind of voice does the samurai talk to Rodrigues?
(a) Quiet and calm
(b) Low and manly
(c) Whiney and high
(d) Loud and aggressive

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom do the hostages have to present themselves?

2. What does Rodrigues contemplate as he prays?

3. To whose situation does Rodrigues compare his own?

4. How do the Chinese sailors try to avoid the suspicion of larger ships?

5. What is the role of the next samurai who visits Rodrigues?

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