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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what kind of voice does the samurai talk to Rodrigues?
(a) Whiney and high
(b) Loud and aggressive
(c) Quiet and calm
(d) Low and manly

2. Where do the guards eat?
(a) At a cafe
(b) At a house
(c) On the mountain side
(d) At the water front

3. Who of the following is not one of Ferreira's students?
(a) Sebastian Rodrigues
(b) Cristano Ronaldo
(c) Francisco Garrpe
(d) Juan de Santa Marta

4. Where do the authorities confine the Christian women?
(a) Government palaces
(b) Cellars
(c) Soup kitchens
(d) Bordellos

5. Kichijiro's murmurings prompt Garrpe to interrogate him on ___________________.
(a) His faith
(b) His loyalty
(c) His nationality
(d) His family history

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Santa Marta unable to assist his friends in doing?

2. Who tells the priests what happened in the village?

3. Which of the following phrases does Kichijiro moan?

4. What does Kichijiro agree to find for the priests in Japan?

5. Where do the priests decide Garrpe will go in this chapter?

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