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Nagasaki - This is the seat of power for the persecutors where captured priests and brothers are brought to be cross-examined and tortured.

Macao - This Chinese harbor is where the three Portuguese priests land after leaving Portugal.

The Persecution of Japanese Christians - Beginning in about 1587, this unfortunate thing happened to Japanese Christians.

Tomogi - This is the name of the small village in Japan where Garrpe and Rodrigues land after their journey from Macao.

The Society of Jesus - This is the religious order to which Garrpe, Santa Marta, and Rodrigues belong.

The Letters of Sebastian Rodrigues - On these pieces of paper the priest continues to chronicle what is happening to him. The reader may presume that these fragments survived and this is how the narrator knows what became of Rodrigues.

Fumie - Whenever a person or persons is commanded to apostatize, Rodrigues refers...

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