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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prompts Clarice to run away from the dude ranch when she is a child?
(a) She doesn't get along with her foster family.
(b) She was being molested by the owner of the ranch.
(c) In the middle of the night, she awoke to the screaming of the spring lambs being slaughtered.
(d) She is rebelling and doesn't want to live in Montana.

2. What tragic event takes place in Chapter 45?
(a) Clarice gets shot.
(b) Jack Crawford has a heart attack.
(c) Dr. Lecter captures and kills Clarice.
(d) Bella Crawford dies.

3. From where does the Death's-head moth originate?
(a) Malaysia.
(b) Outer Mongolia.
(c) The Amazon rainforest.
(d) The Congo.

4. What does Jame Gumb use to tan his hides?
(a) Lanolin.
(b) Cowboy's Best Hide Tanner.
(c) Urine.
(d) Cow brains.

5. What does Jame Gumb always do before "harvesting a hide"?
(a) He watches a tape of his mother.
(b) He feeds his moths.
(c) He eats a dinner of baked beans and macaroni and cheese.
(d) He dresses the poodle in its cutest outfit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clarice find in the secret drawer of Catherine's jewelry box?

2. Where does Clarice meet Noble Pilcher in Chapter 40?

3. Whom does Dr. Chilton claim is responsible for Dr. Lecter's escape?

4. In Chapter 48, Clarice figures out the Buffalo Bill lives where?

5. What does Buffalo Bill use to see his way around the dark, maze-like basement?

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