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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the Hostage Rescue Team's commander?
(a) Jacob Wright.
(b) Joel Randall.
(c) Jack Crawford.
(d) Jame Gumb.

2. In Chapter 31, what does Barney get for Clarice?
(a) Dr. Chilton's date book.
(b) Dr. Lecter's remaining personal items.
(c) A cup of coffee, black.
(d) Dr. Lecter's journal.

3. Why does Jame Gumb invite Clarice into his house?
(a) To get her a business card for Mrs. Lippman's lawyer.
(b) Clarice admires Precious and wants to play with the dog.
(c) To kill her.
(d) To offer her a drink.

4. Whom does Dr. Chilton claim is responsible for Dr. Lecter's escape?
(a) Sergeant Tate.
(b) Clarice.
(c) Himself.
(d) Jack Crawford.

5. From what materials does Dr. Lecter make a handcuff key?
(a) None. He steals the key from one of the guards as he leans over.
(b) Discarded staples and a wooden spool.
(c) His spoon.
(d) A paperclip and the ink tube from a pen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dr. Lecter checks into the elegant Marcus Hotel. What is special about this hotel?

2. What is the name of Frederica Bimmel's best friend?

3. What happened to Buffalo Bill's victims who were kept in the back rooms of his basement?

4. What happens while Clarice is looking for Jame Gumb in the basement?

5. Where is the Hostage Rescue Team going to apprehend Buffalo Bill?

Short Essay Questions

1. What pivotal event happens to Jack Crawford in Chapter 45, and how does he respond to this event?

2. Once Clarice finds out about Jame Gumb and the FBI team on its way to Illinois to apprehend the killer, how and why does she continue her investigation?

3. How does Catherine Martin throw the proverbial wrench into Jame Gumb's harvest rituals?

4. How does Dr. Lecter manipulate the conversation with Senator Martin, as well as anyone else needing his assistance?

5. Do you think Clarice's obsession with Buffalo Bill's victims is beneficial or harmful. Why?

6. How does the FBI get information on Jame Gumb, and where does it lead them?

7. How does Clarice end up at Jame Gumb's house, and why does she go in?

8. What price did Clarice pay to stay on the Buffalo Bill investigation, and do you think she feels the price was too high?

9. Do you think that Paul Krendler helps or hinders the investigation by giving in to Senator Martin's wishes?

10. What happens after Clarice realizes that Jame Gumb is Buffalo Bill, and he realizes she knows?

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