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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the roll-up door gets stuck, how does Clarice open it far enough for her to get under?
(a) She drives her car through it.
(b) The person who accompanied her holds it open.
(c) She props it up with a stick.
(d) She uses jacks from her car.

2. Who calls the victim's apartment as Buffalo Bill is abducting her?
(a) Her mother, the Senator.
(b) Her ex-boyfriend.
(c) Her hashish smoking buddy.
(d) Her parents from San Diego.

3. After Dr. Chilton sends everyone away, what does he tell Dr. Lecter?
(a) That he can't wait to break him and see him squirm.
(b) That Dr. Chilton will find the special book that Dr. Lecter wants if he will only share his knowledge about Buffalo Bill.
(c) That Dr. Chilton and Clarice are having an affair.
(d) That Senator Martin's deal is a fake, and Dr. Lecter will never see the sunlight again.

4. What happened to Benjamin Raspail's car?
(a) It was smashed into a cube.
(b) It was sold to a reckless teenager who wrecked it.
(c) It was parked in an impound lot and forgotten.
(d) It was sold three times and finally tracked to the latest owner.

5. What is the name of the Section Chief of the Behavioral Sciences department who is under considerable stress to catch the serial killer, Buffalo Bill?
(a) Dr. Chilton.
(b) Jack Crawford.
(c) Jame Gumb.
(d) Clarice Starling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is notable about the vacation spot that Senator Martin offers to Dr. Lecter in return for information to aid in the return of her daughter?

2. Who hits on Clarice in Chapter 2 but is immediately shot down?

3. What is Dr. Lecter's nickname?

4. Why does Jack Crawford want Clarice to start talking to Dr. Lecter again?

5. What does Dr. Lecter want in return for his help with catching the serial killer?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Senator Martin try to affect Buffalo Bill psychologically?

2. Working under time pressure, what information will Clarice present to Dr. Lecter as inside information? Why is Clarice not to trust Dr. Chilton?

3. What does Crawford think about Dr. Lecter's eerily accurate prediction that the girl would be scalped? How does Crawford feel about Dr. Lecter's other, unsubstantiated prediction?

4. What factors might have combined to make Catherine Martin vulnerable to attack?

5. Why is Clarice so eager to run headlong into uncertainty?

6. Why does Dr. Lecter refer to Clarice as a "cheap redneck, one generation out of the mines"? What might he hope to accomplish by insulting her?

7. What does Bella's impending death do to Jack Crawford? How does it affect him physically? Mentally? Is he prepared for her death?

8. How does Clarice tactfully clear the room of excess law enforcement at the funeral home where the latest victim's body is being kept?

9. As Catherine Martin examines her situation, what does she see, and what does she come to realize?

10. What benefits comprise the proposal package that Clarice puts together for Dr. Lecter in Senator Martin's name, and what is unique about the vacation spot?

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