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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Eppie begin to reform Silas Marner’s attitude towards life?
(a) She brings him back into social life.
(b) She makes his time away from his loom feel like a holiday.
(c) She helps him rejoin the church.
(d) All answers are correct.

2. When Squire Cass begins pushing Godfrey to propose to Nancy Lammeter, what is Godfrey’s response?
(a) He gets hot and uncomfortable.
(b) He storms out of the room in a rage.
(c) He gets cold and clammy.
(d) He leaves in a huff.

3. Does anyone connect that the disappearance of both Dunsey and Silas Marner’s gold occurred on the same day?
(a) The constable thought so but could not get a warrant.
(b) A few people were suspicious.
(c) Squire Cass kept the story hidden.
(d) No one made the connection.

4. What form of discipline does Silas Marner try to use on Eppie when she wanders off without his knowing?
(a) He sends her to her room.
(b) He spanks her.
(c) He puts her in the coal-hole.
(d) He does not speak to her.

5. What is Squire Cass’s initial reaction to the story of Wildfire and Godfrey’s inability to pay him the 100 pounds?
(a) He leaves the room.
(b) He makes Godfrey pay him back.
(c) He stares in amazement.
(d) He hits Godfrey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Godfrey Cass see by the doors that astonishes him?

2. Which party is the biggest event of the year for the Red House?

3. Why does Dolly Winthrop have time to visit Silas Marner regularly?

4. What color does Eliot use to describe Squire Cass’s anger at hearing the story of Godfrey’s confession?

5. Why is Silas Marner unaware of Eppie’s entrance into his cottage?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Godfrey handle Silas Marner’s adoption of Eppie?

2. How does Silas Marner’s trial of using the coal-hole work?

3. Why is Molly Farren on her way to the New Year’s Eve dance at the Red House? What are her motivations?

4. Is the religious life of Raveloe the same as that of Lantern Yard?

5. What does Eppie express a desire for as they leave the church? How does this reflect Eppie’s life with Silas Marner?

6. How does Silas attempt to keep track of Eppie while he works?

7. Why is it guessed that Godfrey and Nancy are “sweethearting” when they step out of the dance?

8. How is Silas Marner viewed as Part 2 of the story begins?

9. How does the conversation of the townsfolk differ from the feelings of Silas Marner regarding his stolen treasure?

10. Why is the connection between Eppie’s hair and Marner’s lost gold significant?

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