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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time of day does Godfrey choose to finally confess to his father?
(a) After Dunsey finally returns.
(b) After the New Year’s Eve party.
(c) In the morning after breakfast.
(d) In the evening after dinner.

2. What positive effect does the loss of his treasure have on Silas Marner’s relationship with his neighbors?
(a) He began to be viewed as a community leader.
(b) Rather than be repulsed and avoidant, they now pitied him.
(c) They wrote Silas Marner off as a broken man.
(d) They came down harder than ever with their criticisms.

3. Why does Godfrey owe 100 pounds to his father?
(a) He wanted to enlist.
(b) He needed the money to pay off a gambling debt.
(c) He needed to buy a new horse.
(d) He had collected it from his father’s tenant, Fowler, and then let Dunsey borrow it and then lose it.

4. Though Dolly’s visit seems to go better than others, why is Silas happy when she leaves?
(a) He does not like her personality.
(b) She is saying all of the wrong things to comfort him.
(c) Silas Marer is sick of getting advice from others.
(d) He can weave and moan in his pain once again.

5. Chapter 11 follows which two characters as they prepare for the New Year’s Eve party?
(a) Nancy and Priscilla Lammeter.
(b) Dolly and Aaron Winthrop.
(c) Godfrey and Squire Cass.
(d) Silas Marner and Mr. Snell.

6. Why is Silas Marner unaware of Eppie’s entrance into his cottage?
(a) He was scared of intruders and hiding.
(b) He was sleeping with the door unlocked.
(c) He was gone from his house.
(d) He was having a seizure by the open door.

7. Why do Godfrey and Nancy step out during the dance?
(a) They were “sweethearting”.
(b) They needed to have a serious conversation.
(c) They wanted some time to play cards.
(d) Nancy’s dress had suffered a slight accident.

8. What issue does Dolly Winthrop confront Silas Marner regarding?
(a) His failure to protect his gold.
(b) His past life in Lantern Yard.
(c) His ability to care for himself.
(d) His attitude towards attending church.

9. How does Godfrey’s confession conversation with his father go over all?
(a) He manages to get through part but not all of his confession.
(b) He lies to get what he wants.
(c) He chickens out and does not say anything.
(d) He bears his heart and tells all.

10. How does Godfrey feel when his daughter doesn’t recognize him?
(a) Indifference.
(b) Rapturous joy at being free.
(c) Conflicting regret and joy.
(d) Terrible regret for his choices.

11. How long does the New Year’s Eve dance last?
(a) An evening of splendid fun.
(b) One whole night.
(c) It lasted for days.
(d) A lunch and a dinner.

12. At the end of Chapter 14 Eppie is again referred to as an angel, this time leading Silas Marner away from what?
(a) The dangers of depression.
(b) The city of destruction.
(c) The best food in town.
(d) The loss of his money.

13. Who is with Molly Farren as she travels to the Red House?
(a) Her two-year-old daughter.
(b) Her eight-year-old son.
(c) Her adult son.
(d) Her husband.

14. Does anyone connect that the disappearance of both Dunsey and Silas Marner’s gold occurred on the same day?
(a) The constable thought so but could not get a warrant.
(b) No one made the connection.
(c) Squire Cass kept the story hidden.
(d) A few people were suspicious.

15. What is Silas’ long-term reaction to the loss of his treasure?
(a) He became suicidal.
(b) His day-to-day life did not change, so he did not change.
(c) He sunk deeper into despair and desolation.
(d) He began to improve slowly and steadily.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Godfrey Cass see by the doors that astonishes him?

2. When Squire Cass begins pushing Godfrey to propose to Nancy Lammeter, what is Godfrey’s response?

3. Which party is the biggest event of the year for the Red House?

4. Does Silas Marner's form of discipline for Eppie work?

5. What is both Godfrey and Squire Cass’s first guess about what happened to Wildfire?

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