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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mrs. Kimble asks Silas Marner to surrender the child to the women’s care, what is his response?
(a) He doesn’t want to give her up, but he doesn’t know what to do with her.
(b) He most certainly will surrender the child if it means he won’t have to deal with it.
(c) He’s scared to lose what came to him, but he sees the wisdom in the request.
(d) He can’t part with the child. It came to him and he has a right to keep it.

2. What does Godfrey Cass see by the doors that astonishes him?
(a) Silas Marner holding his daughter.
(b) All the gold in Scotland.
(c) Nancy Lammeter’s beauty.
(d) A feast worthy of a king.

3. Does Silas Marner attend the Christmas service to which Dolly invited him?
(a) Yes, he attended the whole service but left right afterwards.
(b) Yes, but he left part way through the service.
(c) No, he stayed home.
(d) No, but he attended chapel elsewhere.

4. What is the weather like as Molly Farren traveled to Raveloe?
(a) It was snowing heavily.
(b) It was warm and foggy.
(c) It was raining.
(d) It was sunny with high winds.

5. Who is the one neighbor who seems to have a genuine, though small, positive impact on Silas Marner?
(a) Dolly Winthrop.
(b) Mr. Macey.
(c) Nancy Lammeter.
(d) Mr. Snell.

6. What issue does Dolly Winthrop confront Silas Marner regarding?
(a) His past life in Lantern Yard.
(b) His failure to protect his gold.
(c) His attitude towards attending church.
(d) His ability to care for himself.

7. What event at parties made Uncle Kimble, the doctor, intense and bitter?
(a) Playing cards and drinking brandy.
(b) Not getting enough rest.
(c) Eating fancy foods.
(d) Dancing for hours on end.

8. What does Silas Marner decide to do with the child he has found?
(a) Bring her to the parish.
(b) Take her to an orphanage in a nearby town.
(c) Keep her and raise her himself.
(d) Give her to Mrs. Kimble.

9. When Silas tells the story of his finding Eppie to his neighbors, what part does he leave out?
(a) The part about finding Eppie by the hearth.
(b) The part about Molly Farren’s death.
(c) The seizure he had had by the open door.
(d) The part about going to get the doctor.

10. Why is Silas Marner unaware of Eppie’s entrance into his cottage?
(a) He was scared of intruders and hiding.
(b) He was gone from his house.
(c) He was having a seizure by the open door.
(d) He was sleeping with the door unlocked.

11. Who watches Eppie’s life keenly from afar, helping form a distance whenever he can?
(a) Dunsey Cass.
(b) Godfrey Cass.
(c) Priscilla Lammeter.
(d) Dolly Winthrop.

12. What is both Godfrey and Squire Cass’s first guess about what happened to Wildfire?
(a) That the animal was “staked.”
(b) That the animal broke its knees.
(c) That the animal was sick.
(d) That the animal was not trained.

13. Does anyone connect that the disappearance of both Dunsey and Silas Marner’s gold occurred on the same day?
(a) A few people were suspicious.
(b) Squire Cass kept the story hidden.
(c) The constable thought so but could not get a warrant.
(d) No one made the connection.

14. What is Silas’ long-term reaction to the loss of his treasure?
(a) He sunk deeper into despair and desolation.
(b) He became suicidal.
(c) His day-to-day life did not change, so he did not change.
(d) He began to improve slowly and steadily.

15. Why was Squire Cass’s opinion never “disturbed by comparison” (84)?
(a) Because he did not associate with other nobility higher than his own station.
(b) Because he did not listen to other opinions in the first place.
(c) Because he was so old, he was set in his ways for life.
(d) Because he was afraid of being found wrong.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Squire Cass begins pushing Godfrey to propose to Nancy Lammeter, what is Godfrey’s response?

2. What ethereal creature does Dolly Winthrop compare Eppie to?

3. Why does Godfrey owe 100 pounds to his father?

4. Does Silas Marner's form of discipline for Eppie work?

5. At what time of day did Molly Farren leave to make the trip to the Red House?

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