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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Students will analyze the life and times of George Eliot. George Eliot is a pseudonym for Mary Ann, a Victorian novelist who was born and lived in nineteenth-century England. This was a transformative time, with life evolving rapidly, and the objective should be to help students gain a general understanding of the era that Eliot was writing in.


Class Discussion: What are George Eliot's real name and gender? What era did Eliot live during? Where is England? What was life like during Eliot's life, and how might that have impacted her writing? What was the Industrial Revolution and when did it impact England the most?

Group Activity: Have the class divide into small groups and attempt to brainstorm the outline for a novel set in their modern lives. Have each group give a short presentation on the idea and how modern life and culture affect...

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