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Silas Marner was a weaver. Research about weaving and create a visual representation (e.g. picture, collage, diorama, etc.) on the subject.


Play the game of telephone a few times. See how distorted each message can get. After a while try starting with a couple of true statements about Silas Marner himself and see how it changes! Now compare this to the rumors spread about Silas Marner after he moved to Raveloe.

Old-fashioned Living

Take a trip to a museum or even an old local house and ask permission to take a look at how it was built. Try to imagine Silas Marner’s cottage compared to the old construction.

Healing and Medicine

Have students research three different natural remedies each. Hold a contest to see who can find the craziest one! Then discuss how often these kinds of remedies were viewed superstitiously throughout most of...

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