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Essay Topic 1

The nineteenth century was a time of deep religious beliefs clashing with modern enlightened views. Silas Marner is devoutly religious before being betrayed by his friend and then cast out of his church. How does this betrayal from those he trusted set the tone for the entire novel?

Essay Topic 2

When the novel begins, Silas is already an established person in Raveloe. How is he viewed by his neighbors and those who live in the town?

Essay Topic 3

In many ways, Silas Marner is a simple protagonist who does very little aside from enduring through the trials he is put through. Select three other characters besides Marner that Eliot uses to move the plot forward and write about how each of them impacts the story.

Essay Topic 4

Dunsey Cass is cast as an antagonist in the story. How does his selfishness towards his brother impact Silas...

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