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Elizabeth George Speare
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Short Answer Questions

1. When Attean appears with paint on his skin, what does Matt think?

2. On this early autumn visit to Matt's cabin, what does Attean tell Matt the Indian men are preparing to hunt?

3. What does Matt really love to have to add to his fish and make it taste delicious?

4. What is suggested to Matt that will enable him to go on the hunt and not worry his father?

5. When Matt walks in the woods, how does he find his way?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Matt "delighted" to know that Attean tells the story to his brothers?

2. What evidence is there that Matt's relationship with the Indians fulfilled a familial longing?

3. When Attean takes Matt around to see the Indian women working, why is this work of such interest to Matt and of little interest to Attean?

4. Even though they are husband and wife, why do Saknis's feelings about the white man differ from the feelings of Attean's grandmother?

5. How does Saknis receive Matt's declining the invitation to go on the hunt with his people?

6. How is Matt's acceptance of the manitou indicative of his growing respect for the Indian culture?

7. What is the explanation for Attean not eating the bear and how does he seem to feel about this?

8. What is Matt's reaction to Attean's explanation of his grandmother's hatred of white men?

9. When Attean comes to say farewell, why does Matt to give Attean his father's watch and not the book?

10. What does Matt do at the end of Chapter 24 that suggests he has adequately prepared for winter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Sign of the Beaver, Saknis, an older Indian, appears to befriend Matt. In addition to Matt's father's teachings, how is it evident that Saknis is a good and trustworthy person?

Essay Topic 2

What is the role of women in Attean's village? What does Attean say about women that help the reader understand his view of women in a community?

Essay Topic 3

Why is Attean's explanation of the manitou and Matt's understanding and concern for it a significant turning point in their relationship?

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