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Elizabeth George Speare
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Matt feel as he leaves Attean's grandmother after the day at the village?

2. In addition to mittens, what else does Matt want fur for?

3. Seconds before Matt and Attean encounter the bear, what makes Attean first sense danger?

4. What is Attean permitted to eat during his stay alone in the forest?

5. After Attean visits with his grandfather, with whom does Attean return a few days later?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence is there that Matt's relationship with the Indians fulfilled a familial longing?

2. What does Matt do at the end of Chapter 24 that suggests he has adequately prepared for winter?

3. How do the setting and details that the author uses to describe autumn work to match Matt's mood when he recognizes that his family is past due?

4. How does Saknis receive Matt's declining the invitation to go on the hunt with his people?

5. What is the conflict Matt faces when Saknis invites him to come along on the hunt with his people as Attean's brother?

6. How does Matt's reaction to the cleanup being relegated to squaws indicate that he is more accepting of cultural differences?

7. How is Matt and Attean's use of each other's language symbolic of their relationship?

8. How is Matt's acceptance of the manitou indicative of his growing respect for the Indian culture?

9. As Matt misses his family and Christmas nears, how do his memories work for him?

10. When Attean takes Matt around to see the Indian women working, why is this work of such interest to Matt and of little interest to Attean?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Attean's explanation of the manitou and Matt's understanding and concern for it a significant turning point in their relationship?

Essay Topic 2

The road to friendship is a gradual sometimes--especially when there is mistrust and resentment. How does Matt overcome his mistrust of Attean? How does Attean overcome his resentment of white people?

Essay Topic 3

The Sign of the Beaver is a piece of historical fiction. The basic dilemmas of Attean and his people were the dilemmas and tragedies of the native Americans in the times of westward expansion. What do you think of the author's decision to have Attean and his people leave before Matt's family could meet them?

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