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Elizabeth George Speare
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Short Answer Questions

1. When Attean becomes angry and storms out of the cabin in Chapter 9, in what mood is Matt left?

2. What does Attean bring Matt when he enters the house in Chapter 7?

3. Who is it that apparently appreciates how fond Matt is of molasses and made sure he had some molasses in the cabin?

4. What is the name of the town where Matt's family lives?

5. What does the stranger say about the quality of the construction of Matt's cabin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How dies Matt discover that he can overcome his loneliness?

2. Characterize the relationship that develops between Saknis and Matt.

3. Explain whether Matt is jealous of Attean's fishing skills.

4. Some might say that by heeding his father's advice Matt makes a mistake. How might one blame Matt's father for Matt being duped?

5. In what ways does Matt reveal his maturity in this first chapter?

6. How is Matt's experience of learning how to make a bow different from the other hunting lessons of Attean so far in the story?

7. Compare or contrast Attean and Matt as students.

8. How might one evaluate the stories Ben tells of living with the Indians and fighting the French?

9. After fishing and managing to catch four fish, how is Matt's good mood quickly ruined?

10. How does Matt's remark about shooting squirrels remind the reader that Matt is still a child?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Matt's cabin, in addition to Robinson Crusoe, he also has the Bible. When Matt retells Attean a story from the Bible, Attean accepts it much better than the Robinson Crusoe story. What is it about the story of Noah's Ark that is ultimately more acceptable to Attean?

Essay Topic 2

There are four instances in the book that deal with metal traps--early on there is Ben and his trapping for furs; there is Attean explaining how they cannot take the fox from a trap on another tribe's hunting ground; there is releasing the dog from the metal trap. How do these traps and rules around them illustrate the conflict between the white man and the Indian and each other's rules?

Essay Topic 3

Even though Saknis is responsible for bringing up Attean, are there any significant ways in which Saknis and Attean are different? How does the reader sense the mutual love and respect they have for each other?

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