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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Matt first arrives at the village, how does he react to the smells from the cooking?
(a) He becomes curious.
(b) He become very hungry.
(c) He becomes lighted-headed.
(d) He becomes frightened that he will have to eat this food that he smells.

2. On this early autumn visit to Matt's cabin, what does Attean tell Matt the Indian men are preparing to hunt?
(a) Deer and elk.
(b) Bear and moose.
(c) Caribou and moose.
(d) Bear.

3. When Matt and Attean are hiking in the woods, they come upon a trap. Of what is the trap made?
(a) Iron.
(b) Stones.
(c) Twigs.
(d) Strings.

4. As Matt realizes it is September, what sign of fall does he NOT encounter?
(a) Geese flying south.
(b) The woods becoming quieter.
(c) Indian children on their way to school.
(d) Maple leaves turning red.

5. Who makes Matt a new pair of snowshoes?
(a) Attean's grandmother.
(b) Saknis.
(c) Attean's sister.
(d) Attean.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Matt temporarily "lose" in the gambling game he plays with the Indian boys?

2. What emotion does Matt imagine he sees in Attean's eyes?

3. When Attean tells Matt that he and his family are leaving, what is the reason he gives Attean for their departure?

4. If Attean does not come back to the village having completed his tasks successfully, how will his village view him?

5. Who does Attean say will come to cut up and clean the bear?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the conflict Matt faces when Saknis invites him to come along on the hunt with his people as Attean's brother?

2. How does the celebration of the bear kill at Attean's village actually work to lessen friction over cultural differences?

3. When Matt comes upon the Attean's dog in the trap, he knows he is in the land of the turtle and should not tamper with anything there. Why does he knowingly go against the law that Attean taught him?

4. After a day of hard play in the Indian village, Matt is physically sore but content. Explain these two apparently contradicting feelings.

5. As Matt misses his family and Christmas nears, how do his memories work for him?

6. Why is Matt "delighted" to know that Attean tells the story to his brothers?

7. When Attean takes Matt around to see the Indian women working, why is this work of such interest to Matt and of little interest to Attean?

8. Even though they are husband and wife, why do Saknis's feelings about the white man differ from the feelings of Attean's grandmother?

9. Since Matt has spent time with the Indians, how is he better able to make provisions for the winter?

10. How does such a violent act as killing a bear bring Matt and Attean into a relationship that for the first time seems like a friendship?

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