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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old will Matt be in seven weeks from the day his father leaves?
(a) Fourteen years old.
(b) Fifteen years old.
(c) Thirteen years old.
(d) Twelve years old.

2. What crop does Matt have to tend to every day in his garden patch?
(a) Corn.
(b) Green beans.
(c) Tomatoes.
(d) Lettuce.

3. What are the pests that most often annoy Matt?
(a) Mosquitoes.
(b) Rats.
(c) Mice.
(d) Ants.

4. After the boys both catch fish, how does Attean start a fire?
(a) From a hollowed out log.
(b) From dried pine needles.
(c) From small twigs.
(d) From a small rock.

5. Who is Aremus?
(a) Attean's sister.
(b) Attean's friend.
(c) Attean's brother.
(d) Attean's dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the main source of Matt's frustration with gardening?

2. By what name does the stranger introduce himself?

3. When Matt asks Attean to show him how to kill a rabbit, what is it that piqued his interest in learning to hunt as Attean?

4. What kind of trees are used to build their cabin?

5. Who is Saknis?

Short Essay Questions

1. The first relationship the reader witnesses is the one between Matt and his father. Describe their relationship.

2. How does Matt's garden experience prove to be frustrating?

3. In Chapter 11, the reader comes upon the explanation of the title of the novel, "the sign of the beaver." What is the sign of the beaver?

4. What does Matt reveal in the narration that reveals how sensitive he is to being without a gun?

5. What specifically causes Matt's accident and pain?

6. How does Matt's remark about shooting squirrels remind the reader that Matt is still a child?

7. What is Attean's method for retracing his path in the woods that he tries to instill in Matt?

8. Why does Matt blame himself for the bear's intrusion into his cabin?

9. Explain whether Matt is jealous of Attean's fishing skills.

10. How dies Matt discover that he can overcome his loneliness?

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