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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Matt temporarily "lose" in the gambling game he plays with the Indian boys?
(a) His shirt.
(b) His shoes.
(c) His belt.
(d) His pen knife.

2. When Matt goes to the Indian village for Attean and does not find Attean, who does Matt ask for?
(a) Attean's brother.
(b) Saknis.
(c) Attean's sister.
(d) Attean's grandmother.

3. What emotion does Matt imagine he sees in Attean's eyes?
(a) Confusion.
(b) Pride.
(c) Fear.
(d) Anger.

4. Who makes Matt a new pair of snowshoes?
(a) Attean's sister.
(b) Attean.
(c) Saknis.
(d) Attean's grandmother.

5. What does Attean teach Matt that he could make a rain cape from?
(a) Birchbark.
(b) Fox hide.
(c) Beaver skin.
(d) Rabbit hide.

6. What is Attean permitted to eat during his stay alone in the forest?
(a) Salt-dried meat.
(b) Smoked fish.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Nuts and berries.

7. What does Matt feel as he leaves Attean's grandmother after the day at the village?
(a) Desire to stay.
(b) Admiration.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Homesickness.

8. At the celebration, what story does Attean tell to the villagers that are assembled?
(a) The story of David and Goliath.
(b) The story of Noah's Ark.
(c) The story of the killing the bear.
(d) The story of Robinson Crusoe.

9. What do the rescuers use to prevent the dog from biting while they get it out of the trap?
(a) A blanket.
(b) An arrow.
(c) A sport pole;
(d) A hatchet.

10. When Mat finally makes it outside, he does so by making a kind of tool that is similar to what?
(a) A shovel.
(b) A blade.
(c) A spoon.
(d) A saw.

11. Who sends Matt a basket of maple sugar?
(a) Attean.
(b) Attean's sister.
(c) Saknis.
(d) Attean's grandmother.

12. Once Matt is finished outside, he relaxes with a cup of tea. From what does he make this tea?
(a) Mint.
(b) Spruce needles.
(c) Hemlock.
(d) Pine cones.

13. On this early autumn visit to Matt's cabin, what does Attean tell Matt the Indian men are preparing to hunt?
(a) Caribou and moose.
(b) Bear.
(c) Bear and moose.
(d) Deer and elk.

14. In addition to mittens, what else does Matt want fur for?
(a) A hat.
(b) A jacket.
(c) Mittens for his father.
(d) Mittens for his sister.

15. What does Attean bring Matt for breakfast on the morning after the celebration?
(a) Hard-boiled eggs.
(b) Cornbread.
(c) Bear stew.
(d) Porridge with fruit.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Matt wakes up after the celebration at Attean's village, what does Matt NOT see hanging or laying around?

2. On this particular visit to Matt's cabin, what is Matt warned of?

3. As winter approaches, what does Matt cut and dry that he thinks would be good for pie making?

4. As Matt realizes it is September, what sign of fall does he NOT encounter?

5. What does Matt wish Attean had given him to show his father upon his return?

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