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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Attean do as he leaves Matt at the cabin in Chapter 21?
(a) He just walks out.
(b) He gives him a small gift in a leather pouch.
(c) He hugs Matt and calls him his brother.
(d) He extends his hand to shake hands.

2. After Matt's fun-filled day at Attean's village, how long does Matt wait before he sees Attean again?
(a) About 3 months.
(b) About 4 days.
(c) About 2 weeks.
(d) About 1 week.

3. How doesMatt first become aware of an animal being in danger?
(a) He sees the dog in the trap.
(b) He hears an animal cry.
(c) He senses danger.
(d) He smells blood.

4. Seconds before Matt and Attean encounter the bear, what makes Attean first sense danger?
(a) The branches moving.
(b) The sound of a cry.
(c) The sound of something moving slowly.
(d) The sound of something moving quickly.

5. How many arrows does Attean use to kill the bear?
(a) Four.
(b) Two.
(c) One.
(d) Three.

6. When Matt first arrives at the village, how does he react to the smells from the cooking?
(a) He becomes curious.
(b) He become very hungry.
(c) He becomes lighted-headed.
(d) He becomes frightened that he will have to eat this food that he smells.

7. What English word does Attean offer as a rough translation of his word "manitou"?
(a) Elk.
(b) Spirit.
(c) Caribou.
(d) Moose.

8. When Attean visits Matt after his manitou, what is he carrying?
(a) Matt's stolen rifle.
(b) Fresh caribou meat.
(c) Fresh elk steaks.
(d) A shiny new rifle.

9. When Matt is alone and feeling lonely, what does Matt imagine might have happened to his father?
(a) He might have encountered bad weather.
(b) He might have been slowed down because of travelling with his wife and another child.
(c) He might have met up with a bear.
(d) He might have difficulty with the Indians.

10. At the beginning of Chapter 24, Mat gazes up to the sky and talks to the dog. What does he talk about?
(a) His loneliness.
(b) The coming snow.
(c) Attean.
(d) The scarcity of meat.

11. What does Attean teach Matt that he could make a rain cape from?
(a) Fox hide.
(b) Rabbit hide.
(c) Birchbark.
(d) Beaver skin.

12. Who goes with Matt to rescue the dog?
(a) Attean's sister.
(b) Attean
(c) Saknis.
(d) Attean's brother.

13. On this early autumn visit to Matt's cabin, what does Attean tell Matt the Indian men are preparing to hunt?
(a) Bear.
(b) Deer and elk.
(c) Caribou and moose.
(d) Bear and moose.

14. When Matt wakes up after the celebration at Attean's village, what does Matt NOT see hanging or laying around?
(a) Clam shells.
(b) Animal skin rugs.
(c) Animal bones.
(d) Fish bones.

15. As winter approaches, what does Matt use to fill in the cracks between the logs in the cabin?
(a) Bear grease and fur paste.
(b) Cement made from stones.
(c) Corn paste.
(d) Mud.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Matt and Attean are hiking in the woods, they come upon a trap. Of what is the trap made?

2. What is Attean permitted to eat during his stay alone in the forest?

3. At the celebration, what story does Attean tell to the villagers that are assembled?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 15, what animal does Matt successfully kill with his bow and arrow?

5. In the morning at the village, what makes the thumping sound that Matt notices?

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