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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the cabin break-in, what food does Matt find that he is particularly tired of?
(a) Salted fish.
(b) Fish broth.
(c) Plain fish.
(d) Fish stew.

2. When Attean invites Matt to go fishing, what does Attean stop on the way to make?
(a) A net.
(b) Fishing hooks.
(c) A fishing pole.
(d) A spear.

3. Who is with Matt in the woods as the story begins?
(a) His father and his four older brothers.
(b) His father and his two older brothers.
(c) His father and his three older brothers.
(d) Only his father.

4. What is the first sign to Matt that something bad has happened to his cabin while he was gone?
(a) He smelled smoke.
(b) The garden was robbed.
(c) The door was torn off and broken.
(d) He heard voices from within the cabin.

5. What does Matt think of the difficulty of climbing the tree that has bees in it?
(a) A difficult tree to climb.
(b) An easy tree to climb.
(c) A difficult tree to climb, but far from his cabin.
(d) An easy tree to climb, but very far away.

6. When Attean becomes angry and storms out of the cabin in Chapter 9, in what mood is Matt left?
(a) Hurt.
(b) Reflective.
(c) Frightened.
(d) Angry.

7. When Attean leaves, whose trip does Matt compare Robinson Crusoe's survival to?
(a) Saknis's.
(b) His own survival after the bee sting.
(c) Attean's.
(d) His and his father's.

8. According to the stranger, what life experiences does this man have?
(a) He lived with almost every Indian tribe in the terriroty of Maine and acted as their military planner.
(b) He lived with every Indian tribe in the territory of Maine.
(c) He lived with the Indians, fought the French Army, and been held captive by the Iroquois.
(d) He lived with the French and helped them fight against all American Indians.

9. How might one characterize Matt and Attean 's opinion of the finished weapon?
(a) It is rough, but it will do the job.
(b) Matt is satisfied; Attean is not satisfied.
(c) It is a beauty and will work well.
(d) Attean is satisfied; Matt is not satisfied.

10. When Matt asks Attean to show him how to kill a rabbit, what is it that piqued his interest in learning to hunt as Attean?
(a) How he caught such a large rabbit.
(b) How Attean's rabbit was killed without a hole in it.
(c) Attean's bragging about his hunting skills.
(d) Saknis's bragging about his grandson's hunting skills.

11. What kind of trees are used to build their cabin?
(a) Oak.
(b) Elm.
(c) Cedar.
(d) Mahoghany.

12. In what territory do Matt and his family live?
(a) Maryland.
(b) Pennsylvania.
(c) Maine.
(d) Massachusetts.

13. What is the main source of noise Matt notices in the woods?
(a) His own voice.
(b) Indians.
(c) Distant gun shots.
(d) Animals.

14. When the bees begin to swarm, what does Matt say they sound like?
(a) A tornado
(b) A great train.
(c) A great wind.
(d) A storm.

15. What is Attean's preferred method of making arrows?
(a) Carving.
(b) Whittling.
(c) Rubbing 2 sticks together.
(d) Shaving.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old will Matt be in seven weeks from the day his father leaves?

2. Who rescues Matt from the bee attack?

3. How might one characterize the way in which Matt and Attean work together in the forest to create a weapon?

4. When Attean explains the meaning of the sign of the beaver, what does Matt think of this meaning?

5. What is the "old blunderbuss" Matt's father speaks of?

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