The Sign of the Beaver Quiz | Eight Week Quiz A

Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What crop does Matt have to tend to every day in his garden patch?
(a) Tomatoes.
(b) Green beans.
(c) Corn.
(d) Lettuce.

2. Where is Matt supposed to get the the clay for the spaces between the logs in the cabin?
(a) From the base of the cabin.
(b) From the soil around the roots of trees.
(c) From the rver bank.
(d) From the bank of the creek.

3. How old will Matt be in seven weeks from the day his father leaves?
(a) Fourteen years old.
(b) Thirteen years old.
(c) Twelve years old.
(d) Fifteen years old.

4. What does Matt try to salvage after the break-in that is now mixed with dirt?
(a) Flour.
(b) Sugar.
(c) Cornmeal.
(d) Salt.

5. Why does Matt decide that the cause of the break-in couldn't be Indians?
(a) Human beings wouldn't scatter food like this.
(b) Indians would have left a gift.
(c) Indians are afraid on cabins built on their territory.
(d) Indians don't like the white settlers' food.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Matt sits waiting for his dinner to cook, he hears someone. Who/what does he first think he hears?

2. What is the first animal that Matt attempts to shoot?

3. When Matt's father says, "Aye, it's yourn," what does the word "aye" mean?

4. According to the stranger, what life experiences does this man have?

5. Although Matt was discouraged, what does he decide to do after he cleans up after the break in?

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