Objects & Places from The Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare
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The Forest

This is the place where Matt and Attean wander when they travel together.

The Cabin

This is a place that Matt and his father built.

The Gun

This item is stolen from Matt.

The Big Silver Watch

This is an object that Matt cherishes but he ultimately gives it away.

The Bee Tree

This houses tiny beings that sting Matt.

The Snares

These items catch small animals using fish for bait.

The Steel Trap

This item catches animals but also makes them suffer.

The Beaver Dam

This is the place where the young beavers are left alone so they can grow up.


These are clues that people can leave to mark their way and retrace their steps.

The Bow

This is an item Attean makes and uses to hunt.


This substance is actually pine sap that is to be chewed.

The Bible

This item...

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