The Sign of the Beaver Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth George Speare
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Chapter 1

• One day in 1768 in the Maine woods, Matt and his father finally complete building the cabin for their family who has not yet moved there from Massachusetts.

• Matt's father shows him how to keep track of time by cutting a notch on a stick for each day.
• Matt can hunt, fish and cook; his father leaves and Matt is alone to care for himself for seven weeks.

• Matt takes the gun and tries to shoot a squirrel, but he misses.

• He is determined to become a better shot.

Chapter 2

• Matt takes care of himself by hunting, fishing, cooking, and gardening.

• His attention to his chores keeps him busy all day.

• He frequently thinks of advice his father gave him.
• He has a feeling that someone is watching him.

• He thinks it might be Indians but knows from his father that Indians are not be feared and that...

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