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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Collector opens Hari's phrenology book to the section on what subject?
(a) faith.
(b) hope.
(c) sexuality.
(d) charity.

2. What do the community members keep with them at all times during the cholera epidemic?
(a) their Birth Certificate.
(b) a card with their preferred doctor written on it.
(c) their Last Will and Testament.
(d) the Bible.

3. What did Lucy want to eat?
(a) tea cakes.
(b) scones.
(c) vegetables and meat.
(d) fruit and cheese.

4. Who is Hookum Singh?
(a) Hari's servant come to fetch him.
(b) a giant Sikh.
(c) a Eurasian living in the Residency.
(d) an enemy sepoy felled in battle.

5. What was Miriam's married name?
(a) Mrs. Logan.
(b) Mrs. Ledbetter.
(c) Mrs. Little.
(d) Mrs. Lang.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Collector go to the roof of the banqueting hall?

2. What does the Collector discuss with the Padre in the beginning of Chapter 31?

3. What has happened to Hari during his confinement in the tiger house?

4. Whom did Mr. Ford notice among the returning sepoys?

5. What wasn't the priest able to do because of the many people dying of cholera?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens on September 12th and why can't the British destroy the enemy's magazine cache?

2. What has happened to the Collector's leather goods and clothing and notepaper?

3. What does the collector do when he finds out what Rayne has been up to?

4. Why was the Magistrate fascinated with the back of Lucy's neck?

5. When Fleury visits the Collector he thinks he has cholera but what does Dr. McNab say the Collector has?

6. What does Rayne, who is in charge of the Commissariat, do to enrage the Collector?

7. Describe the incident of Ram, the sepoy , Fleury and Chloe in Chapter 27.

8. Who does Dr. McNab ask to look after the Collector and what transpires during that time?

9. What is the Collector sitting on and what is he discussing with the Padre in Chapter 31?

10. What does Lucy begin to do to cheer herself up?

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