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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lucy talented at making?
(a) jokes to cheer everyone up.
(b) tea.
(c) little cakes with practically no flour.
(d) cartridges.

2. What worries Louise about her health besides her loose teeth and skin problems?
(a) Her fingernails have turned black.
(b) She has fur on her tongue.
(c) She hasn't had her period for several weeks.
(d) Her hair is falling out.

3. What do the Sikhs refuse to do?
(a) use pistols, preferring sabres.
(b) eat the same food as the Europeans.
(c) drink from the same water as the Europeans.
(d) listen to the Padre's endless sermons.

4. What does Fleury find beautiful in the morning in Chapter 30?
(a) the singing of prayers.
(b) the sunrise over the river.
(c) flowers growing near the ramparts.
(d) Louise, his beloved.

5. What fascinates the Magistrate about Lucy?
(a) her popularity with the men.
(b) her breasts.
(c) the back of her head.
(d) her statuesque figure.

6. The Collector opens Hari's phrenology book to the section on what subject?
(a) sexuality.
(b) hope.
(c) charity.
(d) faith.

7. The Collector lives until what year?
(a) 1879.
(b) 1880.
(c) 1889.
(d) 1890.

8. What happens to the Collector in Chapter 19?
(a) He declares his love for Miriam.
(b) He becomes closer to his children.
(c) His eye becomes more inflamed and he becomes ill.
(d) He and the Padre finally become close friends.

9. How does Dr. Dunstaple say cholera is transmitted?
(a) by kissing.
(b) by rice water.
(c) by damp air.
(d) through blood transfusions.

10. What has happened to Hari during his confinement in the tiger house?
(a) He has become delirious.
(b) He wants to join forces with the British to fight in the siege.
(c) His personal hygiene has declined.
(d) He has become homesick for his father, the Maharajah.

11. What does the Collector discuss with the Padre in the beginning of Chapter 31?
(a) the fate of the garrison.
(b) death.
(c) original Sin.
(d) the Great Exhibition.

12. Who is Hookum Singh?
(a) Hari's servant come to fetch him.
(b) a giant Sikh.
(c) a Eurasian living in the Residency.
(d) an enemy sepoy felled in battle.

13. Who, besides Fleury, was affected deeply by the young orphan girl's death?
(a) Dr. McNab.
(b) the Collector.
(c) Harry.
(d) Dr. Dunstaple.

14. What child died of a sunstroke?
(a) Mary Ann Potts.
(b) Mary Potter.
(c) Liza Porter.
(d) Mary Painter.

15. What insects does Fleury observe in the banqueting hall in Chapter 27?
(a) chockchafers.
(b) bees.
(c) white ants.
(d) mosquitoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Miriam speak of which shocked Louise?

2. Whom did Mr. Ford notice among the returning sepoys?

3. What does Dr. McNab think causes cholera?

4. What do so-called amative characteristics exemplify according to phrenology?

5. What was Louise suffering from?

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