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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disease did Fleury think the Collector had when he visited him?
(a) typhoid fever.
(b) pneumonia.
(c) cholera.
(d) malaria.

2. What does the Collector eat at the end of Chapter 29?
(a) a chapatis.
(b) a black beetle.
(c) a handful of dal.
(d) an ant.

3. Why did the Collector sit for a long time contemplating his boots?
(a) They sorely needed polishing.
(b) They were covered with green mold.
(c) The laces were missing.
(d) They were falling apart and couldn't be worn.

4. What is Dr. Dunstaple supposed to have died from?
(a) malaria.
(b) a heart attack.
(c) pneumonia.
(d) scarlet fever.

5. Lucy had the ingenious idea of hanging a kettle over the fire from the leg of what piece of furniture?
(a) a Victorian sofa .
(b) a large gothic chair of oak.
(c) a gothic love seat made rosewood.
(d) a Victorian chair of maple.

6. What do so-called amative characteristics exemplify according to phrenology?
(a) characteristics of sexual love.
(b) characteristics of romantic love.
(c) characteristics of a poetic nature.
(d) characteristics of goodwill to mankind.

7. What does Fleury find beautiful in the morning in Chapter 30?
(a) the sunrise over the river.
(b) flowers growing near the ramparts.
(c) the singing of prayers.
(d) Louise, his beloved.

8. Who brings word that the relieving force has arrived?
(a) Ram.
(b) Harry.
(c) Fleury.
(d) Lieutenant Stapleton.

9. What people were assumed to be immune to cholera?
(a) Moslems.
(b) Jews.
(c) Hindus.
(d) Chinese.

10. What was Miriam's married name?
(a) Mrs. Lang.
(b) Mrs. Little.
(c) Mrs. Logan.
(d) Mrs. Ledbetter.

11. What has happened to Hari during his confinement in the tiger house?
(a) He has become delirious.
(b) He has become homesick for his father, the Maharajah.
(c) He wants to join forces with the British to fight in the siege.
(d) His personal hygiene has declined.

12. How does Fleury confuse the sepoys?
(a) by twirling his sabre around quickly.
(b) by shouting orders in the vernacular.
(c) by throwing a blanket over them.
(d) by pouring water on them.

13. Where is the Collector during the attack by the sepoys in Chapter 30?
(a) in the drawing room.
(b) in his studio loading his pistols.
(c) on the roof.
(d) at the top of the stairs in the banquet hall.

14. Who shot sparrows and made a curry from them?
(a) Mr. Simmons.
(b) Mr. Rayne.
(c) Mr. Ford.
(d) Mr. Worseley.

15. What happened to cause the sepoy attack to be repulsed?
(a) The superior weaponery of the British prevailed.
(b) Native Christians, Eurasians and Sikhs helped the British.
(c) The monsoon rains began, blinding the sepoys.
(d) Paperwork from the Cutcherry rained from the sky like snow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Fleury and the Collector meet in the late seventies?

2. The Collector opens Hari's phrenology book to the section on what subject?

3. What happens to the Collector in Chapter 19?

4. Miriam was called away from the Collector''s bedside to assist Dr. McNab in what kind of operation?

5. What is Lucy talented at making?

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