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Josh Grayson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what time do Kyle, Sia, and the other fundraisers meet at the bakery to discuss their first day fundraising in Chapter 26?
(a) 4:00.
(b) 5:00.
(c) 6:00.
(d) 3:30.

2. How much money does Sia say she collected for the fundraiser when talking with her father in Chapter 25?
(a) Almost $3,000.
(b) Almost $500.
(c) Almost $2,000.
(d) Almost $1,000.

3. What does Sia say to Kyle to stop him from walking away from her after her memories have come flooding back in Chapter 41?
(a) “I remember you.”
(b) “I hate you.”
(c) “I love you.”
(d) “I left you.”

4. Who comes to do Sia’s makeup before the Oscars in Chapter 28?
(a) Amber.
(b) Stacy.
(c) Alyz.
(d) Janet.

5. When Sia’s father agrees to get Sia and Kyle tickets to the Oscars in Chapter 25, he insists that who will drive them there?
(a) John.
(b) Janet.
(c) Beatriz.
(d) Amber.

6. What fault line runs through the western side of California?
(a) The Moab fault.
(b) The Alpine fault.
(c) The Clayton-Marsh Creek-Greenville fault.
(d) The San Andreas fault.

7. Who had told Sia to take the cash and put it in a bank and have her dad cover it with a check in Chapter 37?
(a) Amber.
(b) Stacy.
(c) Kyle.
(d) Duke.

8. Who does Sia encounter as she exits the bathroom in Chapter 38?
(a) Jessica.
(b) Amber.
(c) Stacy.
(d) Minka.

9. Sia says in Chapter 24, “Just because someone is better off financially doesn’t necessarily make them” what?
(a) “Better.”
(b) “Rich.”
(c) “Happy.”
(d) “Selfish.”

10. Jeff tells Sia and her parents that the earthquake they’ve just encountered was an aftershock of a larger earthquake that occurred that morning where in Chapter 22?
(a) Big Sur.
(b) Sacramento.
(c) San Diego.
(d) San Francisco.

11. Sia’s picture is on the front page of what publication that Roberta rushes up with in Chapter 34?
(a) The New York Times.
(b) People Magazine.
(c) Time Magazine.
(d) The L.A. Times.

12. What quality of Stacy’s does Sia describe in Chapter 23, meaning a frequent change in loyalties, interests, or affections?
(a) Causality.
(b) Metastasis.
(c) Fickleness.
(d) Irony.

13. What does Amber give to Sia when they get into Amber’s car in Chapter 40?
(a) A scarf.
(b) A jar of lip gloss.
(c) A brush.
(d) A ring.

14. How does Sia say “the nerds” at the school help to raise donations for the charity in Chapter 35?
(a) By writing papers and donating fees.
(b) By holding computer game tournaments.
(c) By selling tickets to basketball games.
(d) By selling test answers.

15. What is the name of the counselor that enters and introduces himself to Sia and her father in the visitation room at the rehab center at the end of Chapter 21?
(a) Jeff.
(b) Bill.
(c) James.
(d) Jeremy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Stacy perceives that Amber’s note along with her donation is what in Chapter 36?

2. What is written on the note that accompanies Amber’s donation in Chapter 36?

3. How long ago does Amber tell Sia that they vacationed together in San Francisco in Chapter 40?

4. What does Beatriz get for Stacy when she arrives sobbing at Sia’s house in Chapter 35?

5. What has Beatriz just made when Sia runs in the door after school in the beginning of Chapter 24?

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