Objects & Places from Sia

Josh Grayson
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Los Angeles

This is the American city where the novel takes place. Sia and her family live in this city.

Dodger Stadium

At the park where the protagonist awakens in the beginning of the story, she sees a sign for this sports arena, which informs her of her general whereabouts.


These items are what Carol offers to Sia when she first meets her under the bridge. She uses these items as blankets.

Soup Kitchen

This is the location where Carol takes Sia to eat during her week amongst the homeless. It is outside of this location that Sia is hit by a taxi.

Salvation Army

This is the location where Sia and Carol go to buy more appropriate clothing for Sia. Sia also purchases two sleeping bags here for herself and Carol.


This object is the only item Sia has with her when she awakens in...

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