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Josh Grayson
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Chapters 1-4

• In Chapter 1, the narrator awakens on a park bench with ear buds in her ears: "I frown, confused. Why does the idea of my own headphones feel so strange? I pluck them out and follow the wire to the iPod strapped to my arm. The screen says Sia’s Playlist."

• The narrator scans the park and recognizes no landmarks around her; she does not even recognize the jogging outfit that she wears, pink shorts and a shirt.

• The narrator assumes that her name is Sia, based on the iPod, but can remember nothing of her past. After taking a look at her reflection in the pond nearby, she sees that she is a pretty blond girl.

• Sia fears asking for help from a passing policeman because she doesn't know what led up to her memory loss. She might very well have committed a crime.

• Sia runs...

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