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Joseph Kramm
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ann's hope if Jim stays in the hospital and recovers slowly?
(a) That he will finally tell her who Charlotte is.
(b) That he will forget about Charlotte.
(c) That he will want to heal their marriage.
(d) That he will sign the divorce papers.

2. When the doctor questions him in Act 1, Scene 2, what does Jim say about his life?
(a) It is a wreck.
(b) It is horrible.
(c) It is a mess.
(d) It is over.

3. How does Jim first appear in the third scene of Act 1?
(a) He is sitting up.
(b) He is asleep.
(c) He is missing.
(d) He is on the floor.

4. When does Ann tell Jim his interview for the theater job is?
(a) Monday.
(b) Wednesday.
(c) Thursday.
(d) Tuesday.

5. What does Ann admit to Dr. Schlesinger about Jim's past?
(a) That he has always dramatized things.
(b) That he has not had psychiatric problems.
(c) That he never really worked on Broadway.
(d) That he has had psychiatric problems.

Short Answer Questions

1. When were Jim and Ann supposed to meet?

2. Who is Dr. Barrow?

3. Who does Ann originally share her concerns with about Jim's ability to leave the hospital?

4. What is Dr. Kramer's evaluation of Jim in Act 1, Scene 3?

5. What job does Jim currently hold?

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