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Joseph Kramm
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dr. Barrow respond to Ann's outlook on life as the second scene of the play ends?
(a) He thinks it is the reason for Jim's suicide attempt.
(b) He thinks it is a positive sign.
(c) He thinks it is a mistake.
(d) He thinks it is a negative sign.

2. What does Jim say when he becomes conscious at the end of Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) That he wants a cigarette.
(b) That he wants to die.
(c) That he wants a doctor.
(d) That he wants Charlotte.

3. What does Jim tell the doctor is affecting his work negatively?
(a) His age.
(b) His attitude.
(c) His height.
(d) His weight.

4. How old is Dr. Kramer?
(a) About 30.
(b) About 40.
(c) About 35.
(d) About 25.

5. When were Jim and Ann supposed to meet?
(a) On Tuesday.
(b) On Monday.
(c) On Sunday.
(d) On Saturday.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time is it at the start of Act 1, Scene 2?

2. What has Jim been depressed over?

3. What does the nurse try to get away from Mr. Fleming?

4. What does Ann tell Jim when he first wakes up in the hospital?

5. Why are many of the nurses away for the week?

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