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1. What traumatic experience did Anderson's father undergo at age 18?

The opening stanza of SHOUT details the traumatic experiences Anderson's father endured during his time in the military. At age 18, Anderson's father witnessed his friend's head get cut in half by an exploding brake drum. Anderson notes that her father's friend had been in the middle of a joke when the accident had killed him instantly.

2. What experience did Anderson's father undergo while working in the concentration camps that helped him heal just a little bit?

Anderson's father saw a pregnant woman walking down the road. When she lay down in a ditch beside the road in order to give birth, Anderson's father helped bring the child into the world. Anderson notes that the experience had "healed him just enough/that he wept" (8).

3. How does Anderson characterize her father's silence in relation to his wartime experiences?

Anderson relates to the reader that her father had been unable to tell her about his experiences for decades. She writes, "Daddy didn't talk to me for forty years/about what he saw, heard, what he smelled/ what he did about it" (7).

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