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Jackrollerappears in A Bottle of Milk for Mother

This nickname is for a person who robs another person with a weapon such as a knife or gun.

Torch Songappears in Torch Song

This song is about lost loves, often told with sentimentality and deep emotion.

Open Winterappears in Open Winter

This term represents a season that is free from frost.

Dufferappears in Tree of Knowledge.

This type of person sells cheap and worthless merchandise.

Liberty Hallappears in Liberty Hall

This place is a concert hall in Lawrence, Kansas known for its ambiance and rich atmosphere. In the short story, the name is used to represent a place of rest and relaxation.

Tuanappears in The Outstation

This phrase is used to indicate a master in Malaysian culture.

Sojournerappears in Sojourner

This type of person is a temporary resident of an area.

Oedipus Complexappears in Oedipus Complex

This psychological theory...

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