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Lesson 1 (from 'Impulse', 'A Bottle of Milk for Mother', and 'The Egg')


In "Impulse," Michael has a history of stealing, and he is caught one night. Throughout the story, he convinces himself that he is good and is just cursed with bad luck, bad friends, and bad family. This lesson will explore the consequences of self-deception.


1). Graphic Organizer: Each student will create a Venn diagram that lists Michael's actions and traits in comparison with what Michael thinks his actions and traits really are. Are there any similarities or differences?

2). Class Discussion: What are the consequences of self-deception in this story? How does Michael's self-deception affect his family and friends?

3). Individual Activity: Reflect on the following quote in two paragraphs in your journal: "His whole life seemed to be composed of such trivial and infinitely charming little episodes as these; and as he thought of them, affectionately and with wonder, he assured himself once more that he had...

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