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Michael Lowesappears in Impulse

This character believes himself to be a good person with strong morals and a kind heart.

Bruno 'Lefty' Bicekappears in A Bottle of Milk for Mother

This character is a young Polish boy who finds himself the prime suspect of a murder.

Jack Loreyappears in Torch Song

This character is a kind and caring man who moves to New York in his mid-thirties.

Joan Harrisappears in Torch Song

This character has questionable ethics and morals, and has a series of relationships with men that are questionable and dangerous.

Foiralappears in Witch's Money

This character is simple and lives a simple life in his village, of which he is chief.

Carlierappears in Outpost of Progress

This character is the assistant chief of the outpost station in Africa. He is tall man with long and thin legs who is a military man by nature.

Kayertsappears in Outpost of Progress

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