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'Impulse', 'A Bottle of Milk for Mother', and 'The Egg'

• "Impulse"

• Michael Lowes plays cards and drinks with his friends, and they talk about impulsive behaviors like stealing.

• Michael remembers stealing a conch shell as a child, and after the game, he steals a razor set at a drug store but is caught.

• Michael tells the police it was a bet by his friends, but his friends don't vouch for him.

• His wife, Dora, comes to see him, and she is cold and distant because his years of lying to her have left her resentful.

• Michael still feels betrayed and is convinced he's a good man who just had bad luck.

• He is sentenced to three months in jail, and Dora files for divorce.
• "A Bottle of Milk for Mother"

• Lefty is interrogated by police over a local robbery, and Captain Kozak questions him.

• Lefty, who is Polish...

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