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Short Answer Questions

1. What conclusion does Orwell reach about the prices of the commodities he compares in Chapter 15?

2. How does Orwell describe the ideal murderer, in a murder story?

3. In Orwell's ideal world, how would the quality of each work be reflected in its reviews?

4. Which of these is NOT one of the books Orwell names as a "good bad book"?

5. What is the first poem Orwell mentions in Chapter 17?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Burnham states that capitalism is dying and that a socialist pyramid will replace it. Do you agree? Do you see Burnham's theory manifested in the United States in any way? If so, how? Do you agree with Orwell's assessment, that the Managerial Revolution has not greatly influenced the United States? In what countries do you think the Managerial Revolution has started to take effect? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text in defending your conclusions.

Essay Topic 2

Orwell attempts to refute the criticisms of people who don't believe that spring is something he should be writing about. Do you agree with the claims of his critics - that social injustice is a more important topic, and that people who work outdoors don't want to read about nature? Or do you agree with Orwell - that nature is just as important, and those who work outdoors have even more appreciation for nature? Provide evidence (not already provided by Orwell) to back up your opinion. Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your position.

Essay Topic 3

Orwell suggests planting a tree as a form of repentance for sins. Do you agree? What do you think would happen if people began following Orwell's advice? Do you think it is possible to change a bloody legacy with Orwell's form of repentance? Why do you think the historical figures that Orwell names chose to attempt to do so? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your position.

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