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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Orwell mean by the phrase "verbal false limbs"?

2. Why does the narrator hesitate to kill the elephant?

3. What major change occurred in Tolstoy's life?

4. Where is the narrator working?

5. What does the narrator call the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom does Orwell name in Chapter 17 as a well-known nonsense poet?

2. How does the elephant die?

3. What factors are ruining literary freedom, according to Orwell?

4. What is Orwell's opinion about book reviews?

5. What are some of Tolstoy's criticisms about Shakespeare?

6. In what manner does Orwell leave Hopital X?

7. How does Orwell prove his theory about the lack of good murder literature?

8. What treatments does Orwell undergo in Hopital X?

9. What relationship exists between Orwell and the Burmese natives?

10. According to the evidence Orwell presents from "Gulliver's Travels", how does Gulliver feel about science?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Orwell tallies the price of books, and proves that the price of books is not the reason why people choose not to read. Do you agree? What effect do you think economical situations have on literacy? Given the choice between a movie and a book, which do you think most people would choose and why? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your position.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 3, Orwell's status changes from oppressor, to victim. How does his stay in Hopital X change his status? Do you think that his stay at Hopital X would have given him a different attitude toward the Burmese, if he had gone back? Why? Why is his escape from Hopital X significant? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text in defending your conclusions.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the character of the crowd. What are the main characteristics of the crowd? What is Orwell's relationship with the crowd? What does the crowd represent? What is the overall significance of the crowd's character? Be sure to cite specific examples from the text to support your position.

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