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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Orwell say about children's books, in Chapter 18?
(a) They give one a "false map" of the world.
(b) They have adult themes that are too advanced for children.
(c) They are ineffective at teaching values and morals.
(d) They are too complicated for most children.

2. Orwell refers to what form of medieval art to back up his claims about outdoor workers and nature?
(a) Sculpture.
(b) Stories.
(c) Paintings.
(d) Ballads.

3. Orwell refers to all of the titles in Chapter 16 as great examples of what?
(a) Commercial literature.
(b) Light literature.
(c) Children's literature.
(d) Fantasy tales.

4. How does Orwell feel about spring?
(a) He finds it intriguing, but it neither pleases nor displeases him.
(b) He dislikes it.
(c) He takes great pleasure in it.
(d) He observes it disinterestedly.

5. What are the benefits of the poems in Chapter 17?
(a) They are funny, or fun to read.
(b) They are written by great poets.
(c) They are short.
(d) They are easy to remember.

Short Answer Questions

1. What conclusion does Orwell reach about the prices of the commodities he compares in Chapter 15?

2. According to Orwell, what flaw is shared by all of the titles he mentions in Chapter 16?

3. Orwell refers to the art of which countries to prove that those who work outdoors are interested in nature?

4. What do Orwell's readers think Orwell should be focusing on?

5. According to Orwell, what did older American literature have, that the newer doesn't?

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