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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Orwell, why might athletes try to cheat?
(a) They are afraid of losing their contracts.
(b) They feel they are being discriminated against.
(c) They think it is the only way they will win.
(d) They don't always understand the rules.

2. According to Orwell, when is the best time to read a good murder mystery?
(a) Friday evening.
(b) Saturday morning.
(c) Saturday evening.
(d) Sunday afternoon.

3. The hibernation period of the animal discussed in Chapter 12 generally draws to a close in time for what?
(a) Collecting food for another hibernation.
(b) The toad to eat, before it starves.
(c) The spring mating season.
(d) Summer.

4. Orwell compares the price of a book to the price of what other luxury?
(a) A Cuban cigar.
(b) An expensive seat at the cinema.
(c) A bottle of whiskey.
(d) A carriage ride.

5. What object is linked to the Vicar of Bray?
(a) A yew tree.
(b) A pocket watch.
(c) A carriage.
(d) A gold medallion.

6. What relationship does Orwell establish between social justice and nature?
(a) There is no relationship between the two.
(b) Only the oppressors are free to truly appreciate the beauty of nature.
(c) Nature can only be truly appreciated by those who are oppressed.
(d) Nature is a blessing that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of the social injustices they endure.

7. Orwell says, in Chapter 12, that he has occasionally found what in summer?
(a) A den of fox kits.
(b) A salamander, under a log.
(c) A toad that never woke up from hibernation.
(d) A patch of wheat.

8. What conclusion does Orwell reach about the prices of the commodities he compares in Chapter 15?
(a) Books are more expensive than food and clothing, and Orwell doesn't understand why.
(b) For the price of a year's worth of alcohol and cigarettes, one could purchase a respectable collection of books.
(c) The only way to afford books is to cut out other luxuries, such as movies and records.
(d) Alcohol is more expensive than food, but well worth it.

9. How does Orwell describe "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?
(a) Frivolous and stupid.
(b) Boring, but well-executed.
(c) Childish and melodramatic.
(d) Poorly written, but memorable.

10. What nonsense poet is named in Chapter 17?
(a) Mervyn Peake
(b) Edward Lear.
(c) Ogden Nash.
(d) Christopher Isherwood.

11. In "Good Bad Books", what kind of books does Orwell write about?
(a) Books that are well written, and underappreciated by critics.
(b) Books that are good, but obscene.
(c) Books that aren't well written, but are popular because their authors are well known.
(d) Books that survive the test of time, but aren't necessarily "good" books.

12. What is the most famous poem written by the poet mentioned in Chapter 17?
(a) "The Cat's In the Cradle".
(b) "The Owl and the Pussycat".
(c) "Old Mother Hubbard".
(d) "Hey Diddle Diddle".

13. Orwell states that books are the least expensive media pleasures, next to what?
(a) Cinema.
(b) Television.
(c) Radio.
(d) Magazines.

14. According to Orwell, what should the relationship be between the murderer and the victim?
(a) Lover.
(b) Sibling.
(c) Spouse.
(d) Son or daughter.

15. What is the first poem Orwell mentions in Chapter 17?
(a) "Hey Diddle Diddle".
(b) "The Owl and the Pussycat".
(c) "Solomon Grundy".
(d) "Humpty Dumpty".

Short Answer Questions

1. What method of killing does Orwell prefer for murder mysteries?

2. What kind of person is Thibaw?

3. How does the animal discussed in Chapter 12 discern the sex of other members of its species?

4. Orwell compares "Helen's Babies" with the works of what other author?

5. According to Orwell, what is not a popular subject in his essays?

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