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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Orwell feel about the quality of contemporary murder literature?
(a) It is good.
(b) It is poor.
(c) It is good, but declining.
(d) It is poor, but improving.

2. How does Orwell describe the ideal murderer, in a murder story?
(a) Eccentric.
(b) Pitiable.
(c) Arrogant.
(d) Calculating.

3. What does Burnham write about the atrocities Stalin committed?
(a) The world knew Stalin was crazy, but couldn't do anything to stop him.
(b) The things he did were so outrageous that the rest of the world was inclined to believe his reasons for doing so.
(c) The world believed Stalin because he gave just enough evidence to back up his claims.
(d) The world wasn't aware of anything Stalin did until after he died.

4. What does Orwell say about Tolstoy's conversion?
(a) He only exchanged one form of egotism for another.
(b) He did it to better his reputation, not because his belief was sincere.
(c) He never converted; it was a rumor.
(d) He was swayed by false prophets.

5. How does Orwell feel about people bonding through sports?
(a) He thinks it is the best way to bond.
(b) He doesn't offer an opinion.
(c) He thinks there are better ways to bond.
(d) He doesn't believe it is possible.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the hospital staff sterilize their equipment between patients?

2. What is the symbol of Gulliver's aging?

3. To Orwell, freedom of the press means the liberty to do what?

4. How did Gandhi feel about Satyagraha?

5. The hibernation period of the animal discussed in Chapter 12 generally draws to a close in time for what?

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